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closedAccessSep-2014Conventional sampling methods severely underestimate phytoplankton species richnessRodríguez-Ramos, Tamara; Dornelas, María; Marañón, Emilio; Cermeño, Pedro  Artículo
embargoedAccessHuete_et_al_2014.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2014Distinct patterns in the size-scaling of abundance and metabolism in coastal and open-ocean phytoplankton communitiesHuete-Ortega, María; Rodríguez-Ramos, Tamara; López-Sandoval, Daffne ; Cermeño, Pedro  ; Blanco, José María; Palomino, Roberto L.; Rodríguez, Jaime; Marañón, EmilioArtículo
openAccessLopez_et_al_2013.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2013Exudation of organic carbon by marine phytoplankton: Dependence on taxon and cell sizeLópez-Sandoval, Daffne ; Rodríguez-Ramos, Tamara; Cermeño, Pedro  ; Marañón, EmilioArtículo
closedAccessMay-2015Marine nano- and microphytoplankton diversity: redrawing global patterns from sampling-standardized dataRodríguez-Ramos, Tamara; Marañón, Emilio; Cermeño, Pedro  Artículo
openAccessRodriguez_Ramos_Thesis_2014.pdf.jpg2014Marine phytoplankton diversity: new insights from sampling-standardized data and species-accumulation curvesRodríguez-Ramos, TamaraTesis
closedAccessAug-2014Photosynthesis and respiration in marine phytoplankton: Relationship with cell size, taxonomic affiliation, and growth phaseLópez-Sandoval, Daffne ; Rodríguez-Ramos, Tamara; Cermeño, Pedro  ; Sobrino, Cristina; Marañón, EmilioArtículo
openAccessMarañon_et_al_2014.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2014Resource Supply Overrides Temperature as a Controlling Factor of Marine Phytoplankton GrowthMarañón, Emilio; Cermeño, Pedro  ; Huete-Ortega, María; López-Sandoval, Daffne ; Mouriño-Carballido, Beatriz; Rodríguez-Ramos, TamaraArtículo
openAccessCermeño_et_al_2013.pdf.jpgAug-2013Species richness in marine phytoplankton communities is not correlated to ecosystem productivityCermeño, Pedro  ; Rodríguez-Ramos, Tamara; Dornelas, María; Figueiras, F. G. ; Marañón, Emilio; Teixeira, I. G. ; Vallina, Sergio M. Artículo