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openAccessBraungardt.pdf.jpg2011Atom counting in expanding ultracold cloudsBraungardt, S.; Rodríguez, Mirta; Sen, Aditi; Sen, Ujjwal; Lewenstein, M.artículo
openAccessSantos.pdf.jpg2009Controlled localization of interacting bosons in a disordered optical latticeSantos, Julio ; Molina, Rafael A. ; Ortigoso, Juan ; Rodríguez, Mirtaartículo
openAccessBraungardt.pdf.jpg2011Counting of fermions and spins in strongly correlated systems in and out of thermal equilibriumBraungardt, S.; Rodríguez, Mirta; Sen, Aditi; Sen, Ujjwal; Glauber, R.J.; Lewenstein, M.artículo
openAccessKreisbeck.pdf.jpg2011High-performance solution of hierarchical equations of motion for studying energy transfer in light-harvesting complexesKreisbeck, Christoph; Kramer, Tobias; Rodríguez, Mirta; Hein, Birgitartículo
openAccessGetPDFServlet.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2010Long-lasting molecular alignment: Fact or fiction?Ortigoso, Juan ; Rodríguez, Mirta; Santos, Julio ; Karpati, Attila; Szalay, Viktorartículo
openAccessHein_2012_New_J._Phys._14_023018.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2012Modelling of oscillations in two-dimensional echo-spectra of the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complexHein, Birgit.; Kreisbeck, Christoph; Kramer, Tobias; Rodríguez, Mirtaartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Molecular Optics: Controlling the dipole forceOrtigoso, Juan ; Rodríguez, Mirtaartículo
openAccessBraungardt2.pdf.jpg2012Particle-counting statistics of time- and space-dependent fieldsBraungardt, Sibylle; Rodríguez, Mirta; Glauber, Roy J.; Lewenstein, Maciejartículo
openAccessSantos.pdf.jpg2011Tailored particle current in an optical lattice by a weak time-symmetric harmonic potentialSantos, Julio ; Molina, Rafael A. ; Ortigoso, Juan ; Rodríguez, Mirtapreprint