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openAccessActaPhysiolPlantarum_2005_Satpute et.pdf.jpgDec-2005Cell architecture during gametophytic and embryogenic microspore development in Brassica napus L.Satpute, Gyanesh K.; Long, Hong; Seguí-Simarro, José María ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P.S. Artículo
closedAccessDec-2005Correlation of sequential floral and male gametophyte development and preliminary results on anther culture in Opuntia ficus-indicaGonzález-Melendi, Pablo ; Germanà, María Antonietta; Guarda, Nathalie Levy; Chiancone, Benedetta; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
closedAccess4-Aug-2006Development of multicellular pollen of Eriobotrya japonica Lindl. through anther cultureGermanà, María Antonietta; Chiancone, Benedetta; Guarda, Nathalie Levy; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
closedAccess2005Differentiating plant cells switched to proliferation remodel the functional organization of nuclear domainsTestillano, P.S. ; González-Melendi, Pablo ; Coronado, María José ; Seguí-Simarro, José María ; Moreno, Miguel A.; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
closedAccess30-Mar-2008Early markers of in vitro microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis in olive (Olea europaea L.)Solís, María Teresa ; Pintos, Beatriz; Prado, María Jesús; Bueno, María Ángeles; Raska, Ivan; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P.S. Artículo
openAccessFP06174-R1. (Text and Tables and Figures). doc.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2006Excess copper induces structural changes in cultured photosynthetic soybean cellsBernal Ibáñez, María ; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Yruela Guerrero, Inmaculada  Artículo
openAccessJSB-06-187[draft post-refereei ng].pdf.jpgApr-2007Identification and subcellular localization of the soybean copper P1B-ATPase GmHMA8 transporterBernal Ibáñez, María ; Testillano, P.S. ; Alfonso Lozano, Miguel  ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  ; Yruela Guerrero, Inmaculada  Artículo
closedAccess12-Jan-2007The in situ molecular identification of the Ntf4-MAP kinase expression sites in maturing and germinating pollenCoronado, María José ; Testillano, P.S. ; Wilson, Cathal; Vicente, Óscar ; Heberle-Bors, Erwin; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
openAccesslink-PicorelR_PlantPhys_2007.pdf.jpgOct-2007In Situ Molecular Identification of the Plastid ω3 Fatty Acid Desaturase FAD7 from Soybean: Evidence of Thylakoid Membrane LocalizationAndreu Gargallo, Vanesa ; Collados Collados, Raquel; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  ; Alfonso Lozano, Miguel  Artículo
closedAccessAug-2005Isolation and functional characterisation of two new bZIP maize regulators of the ABA responsive gene rab28Nieva, Claudia ; Busk, Peter K.; Domínguez-Puigjaner, Eva; Lumbreras, Victoria ; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Pagès, Montserrat Artículo
closedAccessApr-2010Microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis induces changes in cell wall and starch accumulation dynamics associated with proliferation and differentiation eventsBárány, Ivett ; Fadón, Begoña; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P.S. Artículo
closedAccess10-Feb-2006Mucilage production during the incompatible interaction between Orobanche crenata and Vicia sativaPérez de Luque, Alejandro ; Lozano, María Dolores ; Cubero, José I. ; González-Melendi, Pablo ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Rubiales, Diego  Artículo
closedAccess13-May-2005Multicellular structures developing during maize microspore culture express endosperm and embryo-specific genes and show different embryogenic potentialitiesMassonneau, Agnès; Coronado, María José ; Audran, Arthur; Bagniewska, Agnieszka; Mòl, Rafal; Testillano, P.S. ; Goralski, Grzegorz; Dumas, Christian; Risueño, María Carmen ; Matthys-Rochon, ElisabethArtículo
openAccess1471-2229-9-45.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2009Nanoparticle penetration and transport in living pumpkin plants: in situ subcellular identificationCorredor, Eduardo ; Testillano, P.S. ; Coronado, María José ; González-Melendi, Pablo ; Fernández-Pacheco, Rodrigo; Marquina, Clara; Ibarra, M. Ricardo; Fuente, Jesús M. de la; Rubiales, Diego  ; Pérez de Luque, Alejandro ; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
closedAccessJan-2008Nanoparticles as smart treatment-delivery systems in plants: assessment of different techniques of microscopy for their visualization in plant tissuesGonzález-Melendi, Pablo ; Fernández-Pacheco, Rodrigo; Coronado, María José ; Corredor, Eduardo ; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Marquina, Clara; Ibarra, M. Ricardo; Rubiales, Diego  ; Pérez de Luque, Alejandro Artículo
openAccessNuclear_bodies_domain.pdf.jpgJan-2006Nuclear bodies domain changes with microspore reprogramming to embryogenesisSeguí-Simarro, José María ; Bárány, Ivett ; Suárez, R.; Fadón, Begoña; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
openAccess1471-2229-5-S1-S16.pdf.jpg31-May-2005Organogenic nodule formation from hop internodes. Reactive oxygen species and expression of lipoxygenase and extracellular-regulated kinasesFortes, Ana M.; Sousa Silva, Marta; Costa, Joana; Coronado, María José ; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Pais, María SaloméArtículo
openAccessHerreroM_BMCPlantBiol_2009.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2009Pollen development in Annona cherimola Mill. (Annonaceae). Implications for the evolution of aggregated pollenLora, Jorge ; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Hormaza Urroz, José Ignacio; Herrero Romero, María Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJul-2005Thyroid hormone regulates tubulin expression in mammalian liver. Effects of deleting thyroid hormone receptor-α or -βVallejo, Carmen G.; Seguido, Ana M.; Testillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
closedAccess18-Dec-2008Tracking gene and protein expression during microspore embryogenesis by Confocal Laser Scanning MicroscopyTestillano, P.S. ; Risueño, María Carmen Capítulo de libro