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closedAccess2015A Proposal for the Evolution of Cathepsin and Silicatein in SpongesRiesgo, A. ; Maldonado, Manuel  ; López-Legentil, S.; Giribet, Gonzaloartículo
closedAccess2009An unexpectedly sophisticated, V-shaped spermatozoon in Demospongiae (Porifera): Reproductive and evolutionary implications.Riesgo, A. ; Maldonado, Manuel  artículo
closedAccess2016Characterization of the transcriptome and gene expression of four different tissues in the ecologically relevant sea urchin Arbacia lixula using RNA-seqPérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  ; Riesgo, A. artículo
openAccess1742-9994-9-33-S3.PDF.jpg29-Nov-2012Comparative description of ten transcriptomes of newly sequenced invertebrates and efficiency estimation of genomic sampling in non-model taxaRiesgo, A. ; Andrade, Sónia C. S.; Sharma, Prashant P.; Novo, Marta; Pérez-Porro, Alicia R.; Vahtera, Varpu; González, Vanessa L.; Kawauchi, Gisele Y.; Giribet, Gonzaloartículo
openAccessMaldonado 2020.pdf.jpg2020Cooperation between passive and active silicon transporters clarifies the ecophysiology and evolution of biosilicification in spongesMaldonado, Manuel  ; López-Acosta, María  ; Beazley, L.; Kenchington, Ellen L. R.; Koutsouveli, V.; Riesgo, A. artículo
closedAccess2008Differences in reproductive timing between sponges sharing habitat and thermal regimeRiesgo, A. ; Maldonado, Manuel  artículo
closedAccess2007Dynamics of gametogenesis, embryogenesis, and larval release in a Mediterranean homosclerophorid demospongeRiesgo, A. ; Maldonado, Manuel  ; Durfort, Mercèartículo
openAccessPérez-Portela et al_repositorio.pdf.jpg2020Enjoying the warming Mediterranean: Transcriptomic responses to temperature changes of a thermophilous keystone species in benthic communitiesPérez-Portela, R. ; Riesgo, A. ; Wangensteen, Owen S. ; Palacín, Cruz ; Turon, Xavier  artículo
closedAccess2005Environmental impact by Mediterranean cage fish farms in semi-exposed locations: Do we need a reassessment?Maldonado, Manuel  ; Carmona, María C.; Echeverría, Y.; Riesgo, A. artículo
closedAccess2009Gametogenesis, embryogenesis, and larval features of the oviparous sponge Petrosia ficiformis (Haplosclerida, Demospongiae).Maldonado, Manuel  ; Riesgo, A. artículo
closedAccess2007Intraepithelial spicules in a homosclerophorid sponge.Maldonado, Manuel  ; Riesgo, A. artículo
closedAccess2007Iotrochota revisited: a new sponge from Belize (Poecilosclerida, Iotrochotidae).Rützler, Klaus; Maldonado, Manuel  ; Piantoni, C.; Riesgo, A. artículo
closedAccess2016Lonely populations in the deep: genetic structure of red gorgonians at the heads of submarine canyons in the north-western Mediterranean SeaPérez-Portela, R. ; Cerro-Gálvez, Elena; Taboada, S. ; Tidu, Carlo; Campillo-Campbell, Carolina; Mora, Joan ; Riesgo, A. artículo
closedAccess2008Occurrence of somatic cells within the spermatic cysts of demosponges: A discussion of their role.Riesgo, A. ; Maldonado, Manuel  ; Durfort, Mercèartículo
openAccess2014Optimization of 14 microsatellite loci in a Mediterranean demosponge subjected to population decimation, Ircinia fasciculataRiesgo, A. ; Blasco, Gema; Erwin, Patrick M.; Pérez-Portela, R. ; López-Legentil, S.artículo
closedAccess2011Optimization of preservation and storage time of sponge tissues to obtain quality mRNA for next-generation sequencing.Riesgo, A. ; Perez-Porro, Alicia-R.; Carmona, Susana; Leys, S. P.; Giribet, G.artículo
openAccess2013_Perez-PortelaRiesgo_Molecular Ecology Resources _2_.pdf.jpgSep-2013Optimizing preservation protocols to extract high-quality RNA from different tissues of echinoderms for Next Generation SequencingPérez-Portela, R. ; Riesgo, A. artículo
openAccessMol Biol Evol-2013-Novo-1614-29.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2013Pheromone Evolution, Reproductive Genes, and Comparative Transcriptomics in Mediterranean Earthworms (Annelida, Oligochaeta, Hormogastridae)Novo, Marta; Riesgo, A. ; Fernàndez-Guerra, Antoni ; Giribet, Gonzaloartículo
openAccessPerez-Portela 2016.pdf.jpg2016Population structure and connectivity in the Mediterranean sponge Ircinia fasciculata are affected by mass mortalities and hybridizationRiesgo, A. ; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Pita, L.; Blasco, Gema; Erwin, Patrick M.; López-Legentil, S.artículo
closedAccess2020Recycling resources: silica of diatom frustules as a source for spicule building in Antarctic siliceous demospongesRiesgo, A. ; Taboada, S. ; Kenny, Nathan J.; Santodomingo, Nadia; Moles, Juan; Leiva, Carlos; Cox, Eileen; Àvila, Conxita ; Cardona, Luis; Maldonado, Manuel  artículo