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openAccess1471-2148-9-53.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2009Assortative mating among Lake Malawi cichlid fish populations is not simply predictable from male nuptial colourBlais, Jonatan; Plenderleith, Martin; Taylor, Martin I.; Seehausen, Ole; Rico, Ciro ; Oosterhout, Cock van; Turner, George F.artículo
openAccessMar-2009Characterization of polymorphic microsatellite markers in the brine shrimp Artemia (Branchiopoda, Anostraca)Muñoz, Joaquín ; Figuerola, Jordi  ; Amat, Juan A. ; Green, Andy J. ; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccesskin_proximity_yellowfin_tuna_thunnus_albacares.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2019Close kin proximity in yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares) as a driver of population genetic structure in the tropical western and Central Pacific OceanAnderson, Giulia; Lal, Monal; Hampton, John; Smith, Neville; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessFIGURAS HYDROBIOL 2014.pdf.jpgMar-2014Colonization and dispersal patterns of the invasive American brine shrimp Artemia franciscana (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) in the Mediterranean regionMuñoz, Joaquín ; Gómez, África; Figuerola, Jordi  ; Amat, Francisco ; Rico, Ciro ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccesssrep03376.pdf.jpg2013Combining next-generation sequencing and online databases for microsatellite development in non-model organismsRico, Ciro ; Normandeau, E.; Dion-Côté, A-M.; Rico, M.I.; Bernatchez, Louisartículo
openAccessprofiling_intestinal_microbial_Hammerhead_Sharks.pdf.jpg9-May-2019Community profiling of the intestinal microbial community of juvenile Hammerhead Sharks (Sphyrna lewini) from the Rewa Delta, FijiJuste-Poinapen, Natacha M. S.; Yang, Lu; Ferreira, Marta; Poinapen, Johann; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessmolecular.pdf.jpg2007Cross-amplification of 10 new isolated polymorphic microsatellite loci for red mullet (Mullus barbatus) in striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus): Primer noteGalarza, Juan A.; Turner, George F.; Macpherson, Enrique  ; Carreras-Carbonell, Josep ; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessmoleres.pdf.jpg2008Cross-species tests of 45 microsatellite loci isolated from different species of ungulates in the Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) to generate a multiplex panelSánchez-Fernández, B.; Soriguer, Ramón C.  ; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessconserveation.pdf.jpg2009Development of single sequence repeat markers for the ant Aphaenogaster senilis and cross-species amplification in A. iberica, A . gibbosa, A. subterranea and Messor maroccanusGalarza, Juan A.; Boulay, Raphaël; Cerdá, Xim ; Federici, P.; Magalon, H.; Monnin, T.; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessVierus_et_al-2018-Ecology_and_Evolution.pdf.jpg2018Discovery of a multispecies shark aggregation and parturition area in the Ba Estuary, Fiji IslandsVierus, Tom; Gehrig, Stefan; Brunnschweiler, Juerg M.; Glaus, Kerstin; Zimmer, Martin; Marie, Amandine D.; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0007092.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2009Disentangling Vector-Borne Transmission Networks: A Universal DNA Barcoding Method to Identify Vertebrate Hosts from Arthropod BloodmealsAlcaide, Miguel ; Rico, Ciro ; Ruiz, Santiago; Soriguer, Ramón C.  ; Muñoz, Joaquín ; Figuerola, Jordi  artículo
openAccessDNA_scalloped_hammerhead_sharks_Sphyrna_lewini.pdf.jpg2019DNA analysis of juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks sphyrna lewini (Griffith, 1834) reveals multiple breeding populations and signs of adaptive divergence in the South PacificMarie, Amandine D.; Stockwell, Brian L.; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccess2013Do invaders always perform better? Comparing the response of native and invasive shrimps to temperature and salinity gradients in south-west SpainLejeusne, Christophe ; Latchère, O.; Petit, N.; Rico, Ciro ; Green, Andy J. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2019Early life history of tropical freshwater eels (Anguilla spp.) recruiting to Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, in the western South PacificHewavitharane, C. A.; Pickering, T. D.; Rico, Ciro ; Mochioka, N.artículo
openAccessBrandariz-FontesCamacho-Sanchez_2015_ScientificReports.pdf.jpg2015Effect of the enzyme and PCR conditions on the quality of high-throughput DNA sequencing resultsBrandariz-Fontes, Claudia ; Camacho-Sánchez, Miguel; Vilà, Carles ; Vega-Pla, J.L.; Rico, Ciro ; Leonard, Jennifer A. artículo
openAccessyoung_bull_sharks_fiji_riverine_system.pdf.jpgJul-2019Essential waters: Young bull sharks in Fiji's largest riverine systemGlaus, Kerstin B. J.; Brunnschweiler, Juerg M.; Piovano, Susanna; Mescam, Gauthier; Genter, Franziska; Fluekiger, P.; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccess10-estimaciondiversidadgenetica178-193_tcm7-437398.pdf.jpg2016Estimación de la diversidad genética y del tamaño efectivo de la población de coquina Donax trunculus del Parque Nacional de Doñana y su contribución a áreas no protegidasRico, Ciro ; Drake, Pilar  ; Macpherson, Enrique  ; Cuesta, José A.  capítulo de libro
openAccessevaluation_coral_reef_management_effectiveness.pdf.jpgFeb-2018Evaluation of coral reef management effectiveness using conventional versus resilience-based metricsFord, Amanda K.; Eich, Andreas; McAndrews, Ryan S.; Mangubhai, Sangeeta; Nugues, Maggy M.; Bejarano, Sonia; Moore, Bradley R.; Rico, Ciro ; Wild, Christian; Ferse, Sebastian C. A.artículo
openAccess2007Evidence for an asymmetrical size exchange of loggerhead sea turtles between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through the Straits of GibraltarRevelles, M.; Carreras, Carlos ; Cardona, Luis; Marco, Adolfo ; Bentivegna, F.; Castillo, Juan José; De Martino, G.; Mons, J.L.; Smith, M.B.; Rico, Ciro artículo
openAccessmolecular1.pdf.jpg2003Evidence for genetic monogamy and female-biased dispersal in the biparental mouthbrooding cichlid Eretmodus cyanostictus from Lake TanganyikaTaylor, Martin I.; Rico, Ciro ; Balshine, Sigalartículo