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closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgDec-2008A combined NMR, computational, and HPLC study of the inclusion of aromatic and fluoroaromatic compounds in cyclodextrins, as a model for studying carbohydrate-aromatic interactionsRibeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Bacchi, Sergio; Dell’Anna, Gianmaria; Morando, Maria CSIC; Cañada, F. Javier ; Cozzi, Franco; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccess1-Jan-2010Diffusion nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy detects substoichiometric concentrations of small molecules in protein samplesRibeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Palczewska, Małgorzata; André, Sabine; Cañada, F. Javier ; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Mellström, Britt CSIC; Naranjo, José R.; Scheffers, Dirk-Jan; Groves, Patrick CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessbiomolecules-05-03177.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2015Fluorinated Carbohydrates as Lectin Ligands: 19F-Based Direct STD Monitoring for Detection of Anomeric SelectivityRibeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Diercks, Tammo; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; André, Sabine; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Cañada, F. Javier artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2012Fluorinated Carbohydrates as Lectin Ligands: Biorelevant Sensors with Capacity to Monitor Anomer Affinity in 19F-NMR-Based Inhibitor ScreeningAndré, Sabine; Cañada, F. Javier ; Shiao, Tze Chieh; Largartera, Laura; Diercks, Tammo; Bergeron-Brlek, Milan; El Biari, Khouzaima CSIC; Papadopoulos, Alex; Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Touaibia, Mohamed; Solís, Dolores; Menéndez, Margarita CSIC ORCID; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Roy, René; Gabius, Hans-Joachimartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2009Fluorinated carbohydrates as lectin ligands: versatile sensors in 19F-detected saturation transfer difference NMR spectroscopyDiercks, Tammo; Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Cañada, F. Javier ; André, Sabine; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Gabius, Hans-Joachimartículo
closedAccess1-Mar-2010Lectin-based drug design: combined strategy to identify lead compounds using STD NMR spectroscopy, solid-phase assays and cell binding for a plant toxin model.Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; André, Sabine; Cañada, F. Javier ; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Butera, Anna Paola; Alves, Ricardo José; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessConferencia Sitges 2011.pdf.jpgSep-2011NMR characterization of differential binding of sugar anomers by lectinsEl Biari, Khouzaima CSIC; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Cañada, F. Javier ; Dierks, T.; André, Sabine; Gabius, Hans-Joachimcomunicación de congreso
openAccessGlycobiology-2011-Miller-1627-41[1].pdf.jpgDec-2011Structural aspects of binding of alpha-linked digalactosides to human galectin-1Miller, Michelle C.; Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Roldós, Virginia CSIC; Martín-Santamaría, Sonsoles CSIC ORCID ; Cañada, F. Javier ; Nesmelova, Irina V.; André, Sabine; Pang, Mabel; Klyosov, Anatole A.; Baum, Linda G.; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Mayo, Kevin H.artículo
openAccessBioinorganic Chemistry and Applictions-Joao P. Ribeiro.pdf.jpg2010Studies of the antiproliferative activity of ruthenium (II) cyclopentadienyl-d erived completes with nitrogen coordinated ligandsMoreno, Virtudes; Lorenzo, Julia; Avilés, Francesc X.; García, M. Helena CSIC; Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Morais, Tânia S.; Florindo, Pedro; Robalo, Paulaartículo
openAccess2010 13 julio Tesis Joao Ribeiro.pdf.jpg2010Studies on the molecular recognition of carbohydratoes by receptor proteins. New methods and applications of NMRRibeiro, João P. CSIC ORCIDtesis doctoral
closedAccess2011Symmetric dithiodigalactoside: strategic combination of binding studies and detection of selectivity between a plant toxin and human lectinsMartín-Santamaría, Sonsoles CSIC ORCID ; André, Sabine; Buzamet, Eliza CSIC; Caraballo, Rémi; Fernández-Cureses, Gloria CSIC; Morando, Maria CSIC; Ribeiro, João P. CSIC ORCID; Ramírez-Gualito, Karla; Pascual-Teresa, Beatriz de; Cañada, F. Javier ; Menéndez, Margarita CSIC ORCID; Ramström, Olof; Solís, Dolores; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCIDartículo