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openAccessAb initio study of the dielectric.pdf.jpg2008Ab initio study of the dielectric response of crystalline ropes of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes: Tube-diameter and helicity effectsMarinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angelartículo
openAccessAb initio study of the optical absorption.pdf.jpgJun-2004Ab initio study of the optical absorption and wave-vector-dependent dielectric response of graphiteMarinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel; Olevano, Valerioartículo
openAccessAnisotropy and Interplane Interactions.pdf.jpgJul-2002Anisotropy and interplane interactions in the dielectric response of graphiteMarinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Olevano, Valerio; Rubio, Angelartículo
openAccessElectronic excitations.pdf.jpg2002Electronic excitations: density-functional versus many-body Green's-function approachesOnida, Giovanni; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angelartículo
openAccessExcitonic Effects in Solids.pdf.jpg2002Excitonic effects in solids described by time-dependent density-functional theoryReining, Lucia; Olevano, Valerio; Rubio, Angel; Onida, Giovanniartículo
openAccessLong-range contribution to.pdf.jpgApr-2004Long-range contribution to the exchange-correlation kernel of time-dependent density functional theoryBotti, Silvana; Sottile, Francesco; Olevano, Valerio; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel; Sole, R. D.; Godby, R. W.artículo
openAccessOptical absorption and electron.pdf.jpg2004Optical absorption and electron energy loss spectra of carbon and boron nitride nanotubes: a first-principles approachMarinopoulos, A. G.; Wirtz, Ludger; Marini, Andrea; Olevano, Valerio; Rubio, Angel; Reining, Luciaartículo
openAccessOptical absorption in small BN.pdf.jpg2003Optical absorption in small BN and C nanotubesWirtz, Ludger; Olevano, Valerio; Marinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angelcomunicación de congreso
openAccessOptical and Loss Spectra.pdf.jpgJul-2003Optical and loss spectra of carbon nanotubes: Depolarization effects and intertube interactionsMarinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel; Vast, Nathalieartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005TDDFT from molecules to solids: The role of long-range interactionsSottile, Francesco; Marinopoulos, A. G.; Botti, Silvana; Rubio, Angel; Reining, Luciaartículo