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openAccessPunzi_EurJOrgChem_2016_postprint.pdf.jpgMay-20161,2,3-Triazole–Diketopyrrolopyrrole Derivatives with TunableSolubility and Intermolecular InteractionsPunzi, Angela; Maiorano, Eliana; Nicoletta, Francesca; Blasi, Davide ; Ardizzone, Antonio ; Ventosa, Nora ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume ; Farinola, Gianluca M.artículo
openAccessPerez_ACSOmega_2018_suppl_editorial.pdf.jpg16-May-2018Artificial 3D Culture Systems for T Cell ExpansionPérez Del Río, Eduardo ; Martinez Miguel, Marc ; Veciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Guasch, Judithartículo
openAccessSales_ACSOmega_2019_editorial.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2019Cell Type-Dependent Integrin Distribution in Adhesion and Migration Responses on Protein-Coated Microgrooved SubstratesSales, Adrià; Ende, Karen; Diemer, Jennifer; Kyvik Ruiz. Adriana; Veciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Kemkemer, Ralf; Spatz, Joachim P.; Guasch, Judithartículo
openAccessDAvino_Nature_2017_postprint.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2017Conflicting evidence for ferroelectricityD’Avino, Gabriele; Souto Salom, Manuel ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume ; Girlando, Albertoartículo
openAccess2352489_A1.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2011Cuerpos de inclusión, células bacterianas y composiciones que los contienen y sus usosVillaverde Corrales, Antonio Pedro; Vázquez Gómez, Esther; Díez Gil, César ; García Fruitós, Elena; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume solicitud de patente
openAccessDiez_AdvMatTech_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2018Effect of the Molecular Polarizability of SAMs on the Work Function Modification of Gold: Closed‐ versus Open‐Shell Donor–Acceptor SAMsDiez-Cabanes, Valentin; Morales, Dayana C.; Souto Salom, Manuel ; Paradinas, Markos ; Delchiaro, Francesca; Painelli, Anna; Ocal, Carmen ; Cornil, David; Cornil, Jérôme; Veciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada artículo
openAccessBlasi_PCCP_2017_postprint.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2017Excimers from stable and persistent supramolecular radical-pairs in red/NIR-emitting organic nanoparticles and polymeric filmsBlasi, Davide ; Nikolaidou, Domna M.; Terenziani, Francesca; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessCano_ActaBiom_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2016Functional protein-based nanomaterial produced in microorganisms recognized as safe: A new platform for biotechnologyCano Garrido, Olivia; Giró Paradell, Irene; Tatkiewicz, Witold I. ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume ; Garcia Fuitós, Elenaartículo
openAccessUS2010129258A1-2.pdf.jpg27-May-2010Functionalization of a substrate system and methodDíez Gil, César ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume ; Martínez, Rosario; Zapata, Fabiola; Caballero, Antonio; Tarraga, Alberto; Molina, Pedrosolicitud de patente
openAccessDavydova_RSCAdvances_2019_editorial.pdf.jpg16-May-2019Functionalization of polyacrylamide for nanotrapping positively charged biomoleculesDavydova, Nadejda; Rodríguez Martínez, Xabier; Blazquez, Carlos; Gómez Rodríguez, Andrés ; Perevyazko, Igor; Guasch, Judith; Sergeev, Vladimir; Laukhina, Elena ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessTatkievicz_ACSBSE_2019_postprint.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2019High-Throughput Cell Motility Studies on Surface-Bound Protein Nanoparticles with Diverse Structural and Compositional CharacteristicsTatkiewicz, Witold I. ; Seras Franzoso, Joaquin; García Fruitós, Elena; Vazquez, Esther; Kyvik Ruiz. Adriana; Ventosa, Nora ; Guasch, Judith; Villaverde, Antonio; Veciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada artículo
openAccessArdizzone_Chemistry_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2018Highly Stable and Red‐Emitting Nanovesicles Incorporating Lipophilic Diketopyrrolopyrroles for Cell ImagingArdizzone, Antonio ; Blasi, Davide ; Vona, Danilo; Rosspeintner, Arnulf; Punzi, Angela; Altamura, Emiliano; Grimaldi, Natascia ; Sala Vergés, Santiago ; Vauthey, Eric; Farinola, Gianluca M.; Ratera, Immaculada ; Ventosa, Nora ; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessWO2010076361A1.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2010Inclusion bodies, bacterial cells and compositions containing them and uses thereofVeciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Díez Gil, César ; Villaverde Corrales, Antonio Pedro; Vázquez Gómez, Esther; García Fruitós, Elenasolicitud de patente
openAccessSouto_PCCP_2019_postprint.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2018Influence of the donor unit on the rectification ratio in tunnel junctions based on donor– acceptor SAMs using PTM units as acceptorsSouto Salom, Manuel ; Díez-Cabanes, Valentin; Yuan, Li; Kyvik Ruiz, Adriana; Ratera, Immaculada ; Nijhuis, Christian A.; Corni, Jerome; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessGumi_Nanoscale_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2018Insights into the structure and nanomechanics of a quatsome membrane by force spectroscopy measurements and molecular simulationsGumí Audenis, Berta; Illa Tuset, Silvia; Grimaldi, Natascia ; Pasquina Lemonche, Laia; Ferrer Tasies, Lidia P. ; Sanz, Fausto; Veciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Faraudo, Jordi ; Ventosa, Nora ; Giannotti, Marina I.artículo
openAccessBurrezo_AngewChem_2019_postrprint.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2019Organic Free Radicals as Circularly Polarized Luminescence EmittersMayorga, Paula; Jiménez, Vicente G.; Blasi, Davide ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Campaña, Araceli G.; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessSouto_JACS_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2016Pressure-Induced Conductivity in a Neutral Nonplanar Spin- Localized RadicalSouto Salom, Manuel ; Blasi, Davide ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Rovira, Concepció ; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessDiez_JMatChemC_2019_editorial.pdf.jpg14-May-2019Reversible switching of the Au(111) work function by near infrared irradiation with a bistable SAM based on a radical donor–acceptor dyadDíez Cabanes, Valentín; Gómez Rodríguez, Andrés ; Souto Salom, Manuel ; Gonzalez Pato, Nerea ; Cornil, Jérôme; Veciana, Jaume ; Ratera, Immaculada artículo
openAccessSouto_Chemistry_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2018Role of the Open‐Shell Character on the Pressure‐Induced Conductivity of an Organic Donor–Acceptor Radical DyadSouto Salom, Manuel ; Gullo, Maria Chiara; Cui, Heng Bo; Casati, Nicola; Montisci, Fabio; Jeschke, Harald O.; Valentí,Roser; Ratera, Immaculada ; Rovira, Concepció ; Veciana, Jaume artículo
closedAccess2010Selective picomolar detection of mercury(II) using optical sensorsDíez Gil, César ; Ratera, Immaculada ; Veciana, Jaume artículo