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openAccessLopezMV_EarthSystDat_2018.pdf.jpgJul-2018Development and analysis of the Soil Water Infiltration Global databaseRahmati, Mehdi; Castellano, Clara; Jiménez, Juan José ; López Sánchez, María Victoria  ; Moret-Fernández, David  artículo
openAccessMoretD_JHydrol_2018.pdf.jpgSep-2018Influence of the β parameter of the Haverkamp model on the transient soil water infiltration curveLatorre Garcés, Borja  ; Moret-Fernández, David  ; Lassabatere, Laurent; Rahmati, Mehdi; López Sánchez, María Victoria  ; Angulo-Jaramillo, Rafael; Sorando, Ricardo ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Jiménez, Juan José artículo
openAccessMoret-FernandezD_VadoseZoneJ_2020.pdf.jpgSep-2020Soil hydraulic properties estimation from one‐dimensional infiltration experiments using characteristic time conceptRahmati, Mehdi; Vanderborght, Jan; Šimůnek, Jirka; Vrugt, Jasper A.; Moret-Fernández, David  ; Latorre Garcés, Borja  ; Lassabatere, Laurent; Vereecken, Harryartículo
openAccessLatorreB_JHydrol _2019.pdf.jpgMar-2019The relevance of Philip theory to Haverkamp quasi-exact implicit analytical formulation and its uses to predict soil hydraulic propertiesRahmati, Mehdi; Latorre Garcés, Borja  ; Lassabatere, Laurent; Angulo-Jaramillo, Rafael; Moret-Fernández, David  artículo
embargoedAccessMoret-FernandezD_HydrolProcess_2020.pdf.jpgDec-2020Three‐ and four‐term approximate expansions of the Haverkamp formulation to estimate soil hydraulic properties from disc infiltrometer measurementsMoret-Fernández, David  ; Latorre Garcés, Borja  ; López Sánchez, María Victoria  ; Pueyo, Yolanda  ; Lassabatere, Laurent; Angulo‐Jaramilo, Rafael; Rahmati, Mehdi; Tormo, Jaume; Nicolau, José Manuelartículo