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openAccessscientia marina.pdf.jpg2010Coupling between the thermohaline, chemical and biological fields during summer 2006 in the northeast continental shelf of the Gulf of Cádiz (SW Iberian Peninsula)Anfuso, Eleonora; Ponce, Rocío; Castro, Carmen G. ; Forja, Jesús M.artículo
openAccessautomation_photobioreactors_Debelius.pdf.jpg2011Development and automation of photobioreactors for microalgae intensive cultures for the use in industrial gas studiesDebelius, Bibiana; Hernández, Cristina; Gurgel, H.; Bueno, Alicia; Ponce, Rocío; Ortega, Teodora; Gómez-Parra, Abelardo; Lubián, Luis M. ; Forja, Jesús M.comunicación de congreso
openAccessjmse-03-00891.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2015Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 Fluxes in the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre: Association with Biochemical and Physical Factors during SpringBurgos, Macarena; Sendra, Marta ; Ortega, Teodora; Ponce, Rocío; Gómez-Parra, Abelardo; Forja, Jesús M.artículo
openAccessseasonal_evolution_chorolophyll.pdf.jpg2013Seasonal evolution of cholorophyll-a and cyanobacteria (Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus) on the northeast continental shelf of the Gulf of Cádiz: relation to thermohaline and nutrients fieldsAnfuso, Eleonora; Debelius, Bibiana; Castro, Carmen G. ; Ponce, Rocío; Forja, Jesús M.; Lubián, Luis M. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2010Seasonal evolution of phytoplankton and cholorophyll-a in the northeast continental shelf of the gulf of CádizAnfuso, Eleonora; Debelius, Bibiana; Ponce, Rocío; Forja, Jesús M.; Lubián, Luis M. póster de congreso