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openAccessMyxococcus_xanthus.pdf.jpg1-May-2009A vitamin B12-based system for conditional expression reveals dksA to be an essential gene in Myxococcus xanthusGarcía-Moreno, D.; Polanco, M.C.; Navarro-Avilés, G.; Murillo, Francisco J.; Padmanabhan, Subramanian CSIC ORCID; Elías-Arnanz, M.artículo
openAccessCobalamin(B12).pdf.jpg24-Mar-2011Light-dependent gene regulation by a coenzyme B12-based photoreceptorOrtiz-Guerrero, J.M.; Polanco, M.C.; Murillo, Francisco J.; Padmanabhan, Subramanian CSIC ORCID; Elías-Arnanz, M.artículo
openAccessLight-Triggered Carotenogenesis.pdf.jpg15-May-2021Light-triggered carotenogenesis in myxococcus xanthus: New paradigms in photosensory signaling, transduction and gene regulationPadmanabhan, Subramanian CSIC ORCID; Monera-Girona, Antonio J.; Pérez-Castaño, Ricardo; Bastida-Martínez, E.; Pajares-Martínez, E.; Bernal-Bernal, D.; Galbis-Martínez, María Luisa; Polanco, M.C.; Iniesta, A. A.; Fontes, Marta; Elías-Arnanz, M.artículo de revisión
openAccessPlasticity_oligomerization.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2018Plasticity in oligomerization, operator architecture, and DNA binding in the mode of action of a bacterial B12-based photoreceptorFernández-Zapata, J.; Pérez-Castaño, Ricardo; Aranda, Juan; Colizzi, Francesco; Polanco, M.C.; Orozco, Modesto; Padmanabhan, Subramanian CSIC ORCID; Elías-Arnanz, Montserratartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Structural basis for gene regulation by a B12-dependent photoreceptorJost, M.; Fernández-Zapata, J.; Polanco, M.C.; Ortiz-Guerrero, J.M.; Chen, P.Y.T.; Kang, G.; Padmanabhan, Subramanian CSIC ORCID; Elías-Arnanz, Montserrat; Drennan, C.L.artículo