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openAccessfree-standing.pdf.jpg2014Acoustic plasmons in extrinsic free-standing graphenePisarra, M.; Sindona, A.; Riccardi, P.; Silkin, Viatcheslav M.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccessAdiabatic-connection-fluctuation-dissipation.pdf.jpg2011Adiabatic-connection-fluctuation-dissipation approach to long-range behavior of exchange-correlation energy at metal surfaces: A numerical study for jellium slabsConstantin, Lucian A.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccess0806.2364v1.pdf.jpg9-May-2008Band structure effects on the Be(0001) acoustic surface plasmon energy dispersionSilkin, Viatcheslav M.; Pitarke, José María ; Chulkov, Eugene V. ; Diaconescu, B.; Pohl, K.; Vattuone, L.; Savio, L.; Hofmann, Ph.; Farías, D.; Rocca, M.; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
openAccessBenchmark quantum.pdf.jpg2010Benchmark quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the ground-state kinetic, interaction and total energy of the three-dimensional electron gasGurtubay, I. G.; Gaudoin, R.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccesse245116.pdf.jpg2010Efficient method for the quantum Monte Carlo evaluation of the static density response function of a many-electron systemGaudoin, R.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccessgradepende.pdf.jpg2018Gradient-dependent exchange-correlation kernel for materials optical propertiesTerentjev, Aleksandr V.; Constantin, Lucian A.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccessHigh_level_correlated.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2008High-Level correlated approach to the jellium surface energy, without uniform-electron-gas inputConstantin, Lucian A.; Pitarke, José María ; Dobson, J. F.; García-Lekue, Aran; Perdew, J. P.artículo
openAccessLifetime of d holes.pdf.jpgAug-2001Lifetime of d holes at Cu surfaces: Theory and experimentGerlach, A.; Berge, K.; Goldmann, A.; Campillo, I.; Rubio, Angel; Pitarke, José María ; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
openAccesse121106.pdf.jpg2010Localized versus extended systems in density functional theory: Some lessons from the Kohn-Sham exact exchange potentialPitarke, José María artículo
openAccessMomentum-space finite-size corrections.pdf.jpg2012Momentum-space finite-size corrections for quantum Monte Carlo calculationsGaudoin, R.; Gurtubay, I. G.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccessSpherical-shell model.pdf.jpg2012Spherical-shell model for the van der Waals coefficients between fullerenes and/or nearly spherical nanoclustersPerdew, J. P.; Tao, Jianmin; Hao, Pan; Ruzsinszky, Adrienn; Csonka, Gábor I.; Pitarke, José María artículo
openAccessFullerenes Defy.pdf.jpg2012van der Waals coefficients for nanostructures: Fullerenes defy conventional wisdomRuzsinszky, Adrienn; Perdew, J. P.; Tao, Jianmin; Csonka, Gábor I.; Pitarke, José María artículo