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openAccessAquaticsciences.pdf.jpg2014Constructed wetlands increase the taxonomic and functional diversity of a degraded floodplainEspañol Latorre, Cecilia; Gallardo, Belinda  ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Pino, M. RosaArtículo
openAccess2011Conversion of almond shell to activated carbons: Methodical study of the chemical activation based on an experimental design and relationship with their characteristicsIzquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa ; Martínez de Yuso, Alicia; Rubio Villa, Begoña ; Pino, M. RosaArtículo
openAccessLomba_Ecotoxicity studies of the levulinate ester JUL2014.pdf.jpg2014Ecotoxicity studies of the levulinate ester seriesLomba, Laura; Muñiz, Selene ; Pino, M. Rosa; Navarro, Enrique  ; Giner, BeatrizArtículo
openAccessGilaberte. Impacts of climate change on ski industry.pdf.jpg2014Impacts of climate change on ski industryGilaberte-Búrdalo, M.; López-Martín, F.; Pino, M. Rosa; López-Moreno, Juan I.  Artículo
openAccessInfluence_of_activated_carbon..pdf.jpg2013Influence of activated carbon characteristics on toluene and hexane adsorption: Application of surface response methodologyIzquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa ; Yuso, A. M. de; Valenciano, Raquel; Rubio Villa, Begoña ; Pino, M. RosaArtículo
openAccessEspañoletal_2013.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2012Is net ecosystem production higher in natural relative to constructed wetlands?Español Latorre, Cecilia; Gallardo, Belinda  ; Pino, M. Rosa; Martín, Ana; Comín, Francisco A.  Artículo
openAccess2011Tail-end Hg capture on Au/carbon-monolith regenerable sorbentsIzquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa ; Ballestero Fernández, Diego; Juan Mainar, Roberto; García-Díez, Enrique; Rubio Villa, Begoña ; Ruiz, Carmen; Pino, M. RosaArtículo