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openAccessMasello_et_al_2018.pdf.jpgAug-2019Additive Traits Lead to Feeding Advantage and Reproductive Isolation, Promoting Homoploid Hybrid SpeciationMasello, Juan F.; Quillfeldt, Petra; Sandoval-Castellanos, Edson; Alderman, Rachael; Calderón, Luciano; Cherel, Yves; Cole, Theresa L.; Cuthbert, Richard; Marin, Manuel; Massaro, Melanie; Navarro, Joan  ; Phillips, Richard A.; Ryan, Peter G.; Shepherd, Lara D.; Suazo, Cristián G.; Weimerskirch, Henri; Moodley, Yoshanartículo
openAccessNavarro_et_al_2014_postprint.pdf.jpgJun-2014Diving capabilities of diving petrelsNavarro, Joan  ; Votier, Stephen C.; Phillips, Richard A.artículo
openAccess12862_2017_Article_1008.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2017Does genetic structure reflect differences in non-breeding movements? A case study in small, highly mobile seabirdsQuillfeldt, Petra; Moodley, Yoshan; Weimerskirch, Henri; Cherel, Yves; Delord, Karine; Phillips, Richard A.; Navarro, Joan  ; Calderón, Luciano; Masello, Juan F.artículo
openAccessNavarro_et_al_2013.pdf.jpgApr-2013Ecological Segregation in Space, Time and Trophic Niche of Sympatric Planktivorous PetrelsNavarro, Joan  ; Votier, Stephen C.; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Chiesa, Juan José; Forero, Manuela G. ; Phillips, Richard A.artículo
openAccessBarbosa_Evidence_of_Pathogen.pdf.jpgJun-2020Evidence of Pathogen-Induced Immunogenetic Selection across the Large Geographic Range of a Wild SeabirdLevy, Hila; Fiddaman, Steven R.; Vianna, Juliana A.; Noll, Daly; Clucas, Gemma V.; Sidhu, Jasmine K. H.; Polito, Michael J.; Bost, Charles A.; Phillips, Richard A.; Crofts, Sarah; Miller, Gary D.; Pistorius, Pierre; Bonnadonna, Francesco; Le Bohec, Céline; Barbosa, Andrés  ; Trathan, Philip N.; Raya Rey, Andrea; Frantz, Laurent A. F.; Hart, Tom; Smith, Adrian L.artículo
openAccessTrallero_et_al_2019_Postprint.pdf.jpgMar-2019Geometric morphometrics reveal interspecific and sexual differences in bill morphology in four sympatric planktivorous petrelsTrallero Pérez, Lucía; Farré, Marc ; Phillips, Richard A.; Navarro, Joan  artículo
closedAccessMar-2013Year-round distribution suggests spatial segregation of two small petrel species in the South AtlanticQuillfeldt, Petra; Masello, Juan F.; Navarro, Joan  ; Phillips, Richard A.artículo