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openAccess2021 Sci Rep 11-15062.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2021Gene expression analysis method integration and co-expression module detection applied to rare glucide metabolism disorders using ExpHunterSuiteJabato, Fernando M.; Córdoba-Caballero, José; Rojano, Elena; Romá-Mateo, Carlos CSIC ORCID CVN; Sanz, Pascual CSIC ORCID ; Pérez, Belén; Gallego, Diana; Seoane, Pedro; Ranea, Juan A. G.; Perkins, James R.artículo
openAccesss41598-019-40114-7.pdf.jpg2019Glycosylated nanostructures in sublingual immunotherapy induce long-lasting tolerance in LTP allergy mouse modelRodríguez, María J.; Ramos-Soriano, Javier; Perkins, James R.; Mascaraque, Ainhoa CSIC; Torres, María J.; Gómez, Francisca; Díaz-Perales, Araceli; Rojo, Francisco Javier ; Mayorga, Cristobalinaartículo
openAccesssrep40449.pdf.jpg2017LPS promotes Th2 dependent sensitisation leading to anaphylaxis in a Pru p 3 mouse modelRodríguez, María J.; Aranda, Ana CSIC ORCID; Fernández, Tahia; Cubells-Baeza, Nuria; Torres, María José; Gómez, Francisca; Palomares, Francisca; Perkins, James R.; Rojo, Francisco Javier ; Díaz-Perales, Araceli; Mayorga, Cristobalinaartículo
openAccessPhenotype_Díaz_PV_Art2020.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2020Phenotype-genotype comorbidity analysis of patients with rare disorders provides insight into their pathological and molecular basesDíaz-Santiago, Elena; Jabato, Fernando M.; Rojano, Elena; Seoane, Pedro; Pazos, Florencio; Perkins, James R.; Ranea, Juan A. G.artículo
openAccess2019Pru p 3-Glycodendropeptides Based on Mannoses Promote Changes in the Immunological Properties of Dendritic and T-Cells from LTP-Allergic PatientsPalomares, Francisca; Ramos-Soriano, Javier; Gomez, Francisca; Mascaraque, A.; Bogas, Gador; Perkins, James R.; Gonzalez, M; Torres, M. J.; Díaz-Perales, Araceli; Rojo, Francisco Javier ; Mayorga, Cristobalinaartículo
openAccess6-Jun-2017Pru p 3‐Epitope‐based sublingual immunotherapy in a murine model for the treatment of peach allergyRodriguez, Maria, J.; Mascaraque, Ainhoa CSIC; Ramos, Javier CSIC ORCID ; Torres, Maria J.; Perkins, James R.; Gomez, Francisca; Garrido-Arandia, Maria; Cubells baeza, Nuria; Andreu, David; Diaz-Perales, Araceli; Rojo, Francisco Javier ; Mayorga, Cristobalinaartículo
openAccess2019Transcriptional Profiling of Dendritic Cells in a Mouse Model of Food-Antigen-Induced Anaphylaxis Reveals the Upregulation of Multiple Immune-Related PathwaysRodriguez, Maria, J.; Palomares, Francisca; Bogas, Gador; Torres, M. J.; Díaz-Perales, Araceli; Rojo, Francisco Javier ; Plaza-Seron, M.C.; Rodríguez-Nogales, Alba; Orengo, Christine A.; Mayorga, Cristobalina; Perkins, James R.artículo