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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2018Description and molecular phylogeny of Ditylenchus gilanicus n. sp. (Nematoda: Anguinidae) from northern forests of IranYaghoubi, Ali; Pourjam, Ebrahim; Ye, Weimin; Castillo, Pablo  ; Pedram, Majidartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2014Description of Rotylenchus arasbaranensis n. sp. from Iran with discussion on the taxonomic status of Plesiorotylenchus Vovlas, Castillo & Lamberti, 1993 (Nematoda: Hoplolaimidae)Atighi, Mohammad Reza; Pourjam, Ebrahim; Ghaemi, Razieh; Pedram, Majid; Liébanas, Gracia; Cantalapiedra-Navarrete, C. ; Castillo, Pablo  ; Palomares Rius, Juan E. artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0214147.pdf.jpg1-May-2019Genetic diversity, and description of a new dagger nematode, Xiphinema afratakhtehnsis sp. nov., (Dorylaimida: Longidoridae) in natural forests of southeastern Gorgan, northern IranFouladvand, Zeinab Mirzaie; Pourjam, Ebrahim; Castillo, Pablo  ; Pedram, Majidartículo
openAccessparalongidorus_iran_Pedram.pdf.jpg2012Molecular and morphological characterisation of Paralongidorus iranicus n. sp. and P. bikanerensis (Lal & Mathur, 1987) Siddiqi, Baujard & Mounport, 1993 (Nematoda: Longidoridae) from IranPedram, Majid; Pourjam, Ebrahim; Namjou, Somayeh; Reza Atighi, Mohammad; Cantalapiedra-Navarrete, C. ; Liébanas, Gracia; Palomares Rius, Juan E. ; Castillo, Pablo  artículo
openAccessrotylenchus_Pedram.pdf.jpg2012Molecular and morphological characterisation of Xiphinema granatum n. sp. and Longidorus pisi Edward, Misra and Singh, 1964 (Dorylaimida: Longidoridae) from IranPedram, Majid; Pourjam, Ebrahim; Palomares Rius, Juan E. ; Ghaemi, Razieh; Cantalapiedra-Navarrete, C. ; Castillo, Pablo  artículo
openAccessrotylenchus_iranicus_Reza.pdf.jpg2011Molecular and morphological characterisations of two new species of Rotylenchus (Nematoda: Hoplolaimidae) from IranReza Atighi, Mohammad; Pourjam, Ebrahim; Pedram, Majid; Cantalapiedra-Navarrete, C. ; Palomares Rius, Juan E. ; Castillo, Pablo  artículo