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closedAccess2003Biogeography of sponge chemical ecology: comparisons of tropical and temperate defensesBecerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Thacker, Robert W.; Turon, Xavier CSIC ORCID ; Uriz, María Jesús CSIC ORCID ; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
openAccessGalimany_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgOct-2021Bivalve Feeding on the Brown Tide Aureoumbra lagunensis in a Shallow Coastal EnvironmentGalimany, Eve CSIC ORCID ; Lunt, Jessica; Freeman, Christopher J.; Segura García, Iris; Mossop, Malcolm; Domingos, Arthur; Houk, Jay; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
openAccessGalimany_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgApr-2020Bivalve Feeding Responses to Microalgal Bloom Species in the Indian River Lagoon: the Potential for Top-Down ControlGalimany, Eve CSIC ORCID ; Lunt, Jessica; Freeman, Christopher J.; Houk, Jay; Sauvage, Thomas; Santos, Larissa; Lunt, Jillian; Kolmakova, Maria; Mossop, Malcolm; Domingos, Arthur; Phlips, Edward J.; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
closedAccess2006Chemical Defenses of Cryptic and Aposematic Gastropterid Molluscs Feeding on their Host Sponge Dysidea granulosaBecerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Starmer, John A.; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
openAccessavila 1997.pdf.jpg1997Chemical ecology of the nudibranch Glossodoris pallida: Is the location of diet-derived metabolites important for defense?Àvila, Conxita CSIC ORCID; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
openAccess2011Chemically mediated interactions between macroalgae Dictyota spp. and multiple life-history stages of the coral Porites astreoides.Paul, Valerie J.; Kuffner, Ilsa B.; Walters, Linda J.; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Beach, Kevin S.; Becerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessBecerro 2004.pdf.jpg2004Effects of depth and light on secondary metabolites andcyanobacterial symbionts of the sponge Dysidea sp.Becerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
closedAccess2006Effects of monsoon-driven wave action on coral reefs of Guam and implications for coral recruitmentBecerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Bonito, Víctor; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
openAccessPNAS_Matthew_2020.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2021Gatorbulin-1, a distinct cyclodepsipeptide chemotype, targets a seventh tubulin pharmacological siteMatthew, S.; Chen, Qi-Yin; Ratnayake, R.; Fermaintt, Charles S.; Lucena-Agell, Daniel CSIC ORCID ; Bonato, Francesca; Prota, Andrea E.; Lim, Seok Ting; Wang, Xiaomeng; Díaz, José Fernando CSIC ORCID ; Risinger, April L.; Paul, Valerie J.; Oliva, María A. CSIC ORCID ; Luesch, H.artículo
openAccessKuffner et al. 2006.pdf.jpg2006Inhibition of coral recruitment by macroalgae and cyanobacteriaKuffner, Ilsa B.; Walters, Linda J.; Becerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Paul, Valerie J.; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Beach, Kevin S.artículo
openAccessm280p115.pdf.jpg1998Intracolonial variation in chemical defenses of the sponge Cacospongia sp. and its consequences on generalist fish predators and the specialist nudibranch predator Glossodoris pallidaBecerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Paul, Valerie J.; Starmer, John A.artículo
openAccessmarinedrugs-08-01803.pdf.jpg2010Intramolecular modulation of serine protease inhibitor activity in a marine cyanobacterium with antifeedant propertiesMatthew, S.; Ratnayake, R.; Becerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Paul, Valerie J.; Luesch, H.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJan-2016Palatability and chemical defences of benthic cyanobacteria to a suite of herbivoresCapper, Angela; Erickson, Amy A.; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Becerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Arthur, Karen A.; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
closedAccess1998Phyllodesmium guamensis (Nudibranchia: Aeolidoidea), a new species from Guam (Micronesia)Àvila, Conxita CSIC ORCID; Ballesteros, Manuel CSIC ORCID; Slattery, Matthew; Starmer, John A.; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
openAccessLunt_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgNov-2021Soft-Sediment Communities of the Northern Indian River Lagoon, FL, United StatesLunt, Jessica; Freeman, Christopher J.; Janiak, Dean S.; Bayliss, Katrina; Stephens, Michelle; Galimany, Eve CSIC ORCID ; Paul, Valerie J.artículo
closedAccess2005Spawning of the giant barrel sponge Xestospongia muta in BelizeRitson-Williams, Raphael; Becerro, Mikel CSIC ORCID ; Paul, Valerie J.artículo