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openAccessGallart_EGU2013-8313.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2013A 700 km long crustal transect across northern MoroccoCarbonell, Ramón  ; Gallart Muset, Josep ; Diaz, J. ; Gil, Alba ; Harnafi, M.; Ouraini, F.; Ayarza, P.; Teixell, A.; Arboleya, M. L.; Palomeras, Imma; Levander, A.comunicación de congreso
openAccessCarbonell_EGU2016-6223.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2016Crustal structure and composition to the S of the Spanish Central System: Effect of Alpine reactivation in an internal Variscan domainAyarza, P.; Carbonell, Ramón  ; Ehsan, Siddique ; Martí, David  ; Palomeras, Imma; Martínez Poyatos, D.comunicación de congreso
openAccessAndres_EGU2017-4715.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2017Curie-depth point and geothermal gradient map of the Iberian Peninsula and its marginsAndrés, Juvenal ; Marzán, Ignacio; Ayarza, P.; Martí, David  ; Palomeras, Imma; Campbell, S.; Carbonell, Ramón  presentación
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2018Deep seismic Exploration of the Iberian MicroplateAndrés, Juvenal; Martí, David ; Marzán, Ignacio; Palomeras, Imma; Ayarza, P.; Simancas, Fernando; Martínez-Poyatos, David; Azor, Antonio ; González-Lodeiro, Francisco; Diaz, J.; Carbonell, Ramón actas de congreso
openAccessAndres_EGU2017-4699.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2017Establishing a relationship between S-wave velocity, thermal gradient and thermal conductivity for the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding areasAndrés, Juvenal ; Marzán, Ignacio; Ayarza, P.; Martí, David  ; Palomeras, Imma; Carbonell, Ramón  comunicación de congreso
openAccessT_2012_31_TC3017.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2012Imaging the crustal structure of the Central Iberian Zone (Variscan Belt): The ALCUDIA deep seismic reflection transectMartínez Poyatos, D.; Carbonell, Ramón  ; Palomeras, Imma; Simancas, José Fernando; Ayarza, P.; Martí, David  ; Azor, Antonio ; Jabaloy, Antonio; González Cuadra, P.; Tejero, Rosa ; Martín Parra, L. M.; Matas, J.; González-Lodeiro, Francisco; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés ; García Lobón, J. L.; Mansilla, L.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2015Mapping the Hales discontinuity in southwestern SpainAyarza, P.; Carbonell, Ramón  ; Palomeras, Imma; Ehsan, Siddique ; Afonso, Juan Carlos ; Diaz, J. comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2014Shear velocity model for the westernmost Mediterranean from ambient noise and ballistic finite-frequency Rayleigh wave tomographyPalomeras, Imma; Villaseñor, Antonio  ; Thurner, S.; Levander, A.; Gallart Muset, Josep ; Harnafi, M.póster de congreso
openAccessPalomares_EGU2017-12511.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017Studying sub-crustal reflectors in SW-Spain with wide-angle profilesPalomeras, Imma; Ayarza, P.; Carbonell, Ramón  ; Afonso, Juan Carlos ; Diaz, J. póster de congreso
openAccessVillaseñor_EGU2017-10640.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017The topography of the Iberian Peninsula from coupled geophysical-petrological inversion of multiple data setsFullea, J. ; Negredo, Ana M. ; Charco, María ; Palomeras, Imma; Villaseñor, Antonio  ; Afonso, Juan Carlos póster de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2012Variations of the crustal structure in the Rif Cordillera, N-Morocco, from wide-angle seismic dataGallart Muset, Josep ; Gil, Alba ; Diaz, J. ; Carbonell, Ramón  ; Harnafi, M.; Levander, A.; Palomeras, Imma; Córdoba, Diego comunicación de congreso