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openAccessFede 2016.pdf.jpg2016Active and reactive behaviour in human mobility: the influence of attraction points on pedestriansGutiérrez-Roig, Mario; Sagarra, Oleguer; Oltra, Aitana ; Palmer, John R. B. ; Bartumeus, Frederic  ; Díaz-Guilera, Albert; Perelló, JosepArtículo
openAccesschapter-22.pdf.jpg2016AtrapaelTigre.com: enlisting citizen-scientists in the war on tiger mosquitoesOltra, Aitana ; Palmer, John R. B. ; Bartumeus, Frederic  Capítulo de libro
closedAccess17-May-2017Bringing people´s (sensitive) data back to the people: navigating privacy, ownership, accessibility, and fitness-for-use when making volunteered geographic information public in the context of public health emergencyPalmer, John R. B. ; Oltra, Aitana ; Piera, Jaume  ; Bartumeus, Frederic  Comunicación de congreso
openAccessBartumeus 2017.pdf.jpg2017Citizen science provides a reliable and scalable tool to track disease-carrying mosquitoesPalmer, John R. B. ; Oltra, Aitana ; Collantes, Francisco; Delgado, Juan Antonio; Lucientes, Javier; Delacour-Estrella, Sarah; Bengoa, Mikel; Eritja, Roger; Bartumeus, Frederic  Artículo
openAccessPreprint Bartumeus.pdf.jpg2018Citizen Science: A Gateway for Innovation in Disease-Carrying Mosquito Management?Bartumeus, Frederic  ; Oltra, Aitana ; Palmer, John R. B. Artículo
openAccessTorres_et_al_2017.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2017Closing the loop between citizen scientists and mosquito controlTorres, M.; Eritja, Roger; Oltra, Aitana ; Palmer, John R. B. ; Piera, Jaume  ; Bartumeus, Frederic  Presentación
openAccessEritja_etal_SciRep17.pdf.jpg2017Direct Evidence of Adult Aedes albopictus Dispersal by CarEritja, Roger; Palmer, John R. B. ; Roiz, David ; Sanpera-Calbet, Isis; Bartumeus, Frederic  Artículo
closedAccess19-May-2016Engaging citizens for social good: Drawing on behavioural models from social influence technologies to improve disease vector reporting by citizen scientistsPiera, Jaume  ; Oltra, Aitana ; Palmer, John R. B. ; Bartumeus, Frederic  Comunicación de congreso
openAccessFede 2016.PDF.jpg2016Expectation-Maximization Binary Clustering for Behavioural AnnotationGarriga, Joan  ; Palmer, John R. B. ; Oltra, Aitana ; Bartumeus, Frederic  Artículo
openAccessCitizen-Science.pdf.jpg2018Global Mosquito AlertPalmer, John R. B. ; Brocklehurst, Martin; Tyson, Elisabeth; Bowser, Anne; Pauwels, Eleonore; Bartumeus, Frederic  Capítulo de libro
closedAccess2015Labor Market Laws and Intra-European Migration: The Role of the State in Shaping Destination ChoicesPalmer, John R. B. ; Pytliková, MariolaArtículo
closedAccess2013New Approaches to Human Mobility: Using Mobile Phones for Demographic ResearchPalmer, John R. B. ; Espenshade, Thomas J.; Bartumeus, Frederic  ; Chung, Chang Y.; Ozgencil, Necati Ercan; LI, KathleenArtículo
openAccessaitana 2014.pdf.jpg2014Primera cita de mosquito tigre, Aedes albopictus (Diptera, Culicidae), para Andalucía y primera corroboración de los datos de la aplicación TigatrappDelacour-Estrella, Sarah; Collantes, Francisco; Ruiz-Arrondo, Ignacio; Alarcón-Elbal, Pedro María; Delgado, Juan Antonio; Eritja, Roger; Bartumeus, Frederic  ; Oltra, Aitana ; Palmer, John R. B. ; Lucientes, JavierArtículo