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openAccessallermodel.pdf.jpg2020Allergic reactions and immunity in response to tick salivary biogenic substances and red meat consumption in the zebrafish modelContreras, Marinela; Pacheco, Iván; Alberdi, Pilar ; Díaz-Sánchez, Sandra ; Artigas-Jerónimo, Sara; Mateos-Hernández, Lourdes ; Villar, Margarita ; Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandro; Fuente, José de la  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Alpha-gal syndrome: challenges to understanding sensitization and clinical reactions to alpha-galFuente, José de la  ; Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandro; Pacheco, Ivánartículo
openAccessanaplaixodi.pdf.jpg2020Anaplasma pathogen infection alters chemical composition of the exoskeleton of hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)Fuente, José de la  ; Lima-Barbero, José Francisco; Prado, Eduardo; Pacheco, Iván; Alberdi, Pilar ; Villar, Margarita artículo
openAccessguillalpha.pdf.jpg2019Guillain-Barré and Alpha-gal syndromes: Saccharides-induced immune responsesFuente, José de la  ; Pacheco, Iván; Contreras, Marinela; Mateos-Hernández, Lourdes ; Villar, Margarita ; Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandroartículo
openAccessalphaGAL.pdf.jpg2019The alpha-Gal syndrome: new insights into the tick-host conflict and cooperationFuente, José de la  ; Pacheco, Iván; Villar, Margarita ; Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandroartículo
openAccessticksub.pdf.jpg2020Tick and host derived compounds detected in the cement complex substanceVillar, Margarita ; Pacheco, Iván; Merino, Octavio ; Contreras, Marinela; Mateos-Hernández, Lourdes ; Prado, Eduardo; Barros-Picanço, Dina Karen; Lima-Barbero, José Francisco; Artigas-Jerónimo, Sara; Alberdi, Pilar ; Fernández de Mera, Isabel G.; Estrada-Peña, Agustín; Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandro; Fuente, José de la  artículo
openAccessvaccintuber.pdf.jpg2020Vaccination with alpha-Gal protects against mycobacterial infection in the zebrafish model of tuberculosisPacheco, Iván; Contreras, Marinela; Villar, Margarita ; Risalde, María Ángeles; Alberdi, Pilar ; Cabezas-Cruz, Alejandro; Gortázar, Christian ; Fuente, José de la  artículo