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openAccessPerez-Portela et al_ MEPS_201109007_REVISED.pdf.jpg2012Bottlenecks and loss of genetic diversity: spatio-temporal patterns of genetic structure in an ascidian recently introduced in EuropePérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  ; Bishop, J. D. D.artículo
closedAccess2016Characterization of the transcriptome and gene expression of four different tissues in the ecologically relevant sea urchin Arbacia lixula using RNA-seqPérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  ; Riesgo, A. artículo
openAccessConservation Genetic Resources.pdf.jpg2013Characterization of thirty two microsatellite loci for three Atlanto-Mediterranean echinoderm speciesGarcía-Cisneros, Álex ; Valero-Jiménez, Claudio; Palacín, Cruz ; Pérez-Portela, R. artículo
openAccessPerez-Portela 2016.pdf.jpg2016Contrasted phylogeographic patterns on mitochondrial DNA of shallow and deep brittle stars across the Atlantic-Mediterranean areaTaboada, S. ; Pérez-Portela, R. artículo
openAccessPérez-Portela  Turon Zoology 2008 post-print.pdf.jpg2008Cryptic divergence and strong population structure in Pycnoclavella communis (Ascidiacea) inferred from COI and microsatellite dataPérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccessPerez-Portela et al_preprint.pdf.jpgMar-2013Cryptic speciation and genetic structure of widely distributed brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) in EuropePérez-Portela, R. ; Almada, Vitor C.; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccessPerez-Portela et al 2013 Sci Rep.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2013Cryptic speciation or global spread? The case of a cosmopolitan marine invertebrate with limited dispersal capabilitiesPérez-Portela, R. ; Arranz, V.; Rius, Marc ; Turon, Xavier  artículo
closedAccess2016Determining the correct identity of South African Marthasterias (Echinodermata: Asteroidea)Wright, A. G.; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Griffiths, C. L.artículo
openAccessDani 2019.pdf.jpg2020Digging the diversity of Iberian bait worms Marphysa (Annelida, Eunicidae)Martin, Daniel  ; Gil, João  ; Zanol, Joana; Meca, Miguel A. ; Pérez-Portela, R. artículo
closedAccess2003Distribution patterns of meiofauna associated with a sublittoral Laminaria bed in the Cantabrian Sea (North-eastern Atlantic).Arroyo, N. L.; Maldonado, Manuel  ; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Benito, J.artículo
openAccessPérez-Portela et al_repositorio.pdf.jpg2020Enjoying the warming Mediterranean: Transcriptomic responses to temperature changes of a thermophilous keystone species in benthic communitiesPérez-Portela, R. ; Riesgo, A. ; Wangensteen, Owen S. ; Palacín, Cruz ; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccessPerez-Portela et al_2013_Aquatic conservation_First version.pdf.jpg2014Genetic structure and diversity of the endangered bath sponge Spongia lamellaPérez-Portela, R. ; Noyer, Charlotte ; Becerro, Mikel  artículo
closedAccess2016Hope springs eternal in the starfish gonad: preserved potential for sexual reproduction in a single-clone population of a fissiparous starfishGarcía-Cisneros, Álex ; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Wangensteen, Owen S. ; Campos-Canet, Marta; Palacín, Cruz artículo
closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Intraspecific genetic structure, divergence and high rates of clonality in an amphi-Atlantic starfishGarcía-Cisneros, Álex ; Palacín, Cruz ; Rezende Ventura, Carlos Renato; Feital, Barbara; Paiva, Paulo Cesar; Pérez-Portela, R. artículo
closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Lineage splitting, secondary contacts and genetic admixture of a widely distributed marine invertebratePérez-Portela, R. ; Rius, Marc ; Villamor, Adrianaartículo
closedAccess2016Lonely populations in the deep: genetic structure of red gorgonians at the heads of submarine canyons in the north-western Mediterranean SeaPérez-Portela, R. ; Cerro-Gálvez, Elena; Taboada, S. ; Tidu, Carlo; Campillo-Campbell, Carolina; Mora, Joan ; Riesgo, A. artículo
openAccessRocioperez_Prep.pdf.jpg2015Long telomeres are associated with clonality in wild populations of the fissiparous starfish Coscinasterias tenuispinaGarcía-Cisneros, Álex ; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Almroth, B. C.; Degerman, S.; Palacín, Carlos ; Sköld, H. Nilssonartículo
openAccessGarcia-Cisneros 2016.pdf.jpg2016Low genetic diversity and recent demographic expansion in the red starfish Echinaster sepositus (Retzius 1816)García-Cisneros, Álex ; Palacín, Cruz ; Ben Khadra, Yousra; Pérez-Portela, R. artículo
openAccessChiara Romano.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2014Morphological and Genetic Diversity of the Wood-Boring Xylophaga (Mollusca, Bivalvia): New Species and Records from Deep-Sea Iberian CanyonsRomano, Chiara  ; Voight, J. R.; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
openAccessWangensteen et al 2012.pdf.jpg2012Natural or Naturalized? Phylogeography Suggests That the Abundant Sea Urchin Arbacia lixula Is a Recent Colonizer of the Mediterranean.Wangensteen, Owen S. ; Turon, Xavier  ; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Palacín, Cruz artículo