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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013A DNA damage checkpoint pathway coordinates the division of dikaryotic cells in the ink cap mushroom Coprinopsis cinereaSena-Tomás, Carmen de; Navarro-González, Mónica; Kües, Ursula; Pérez-Martín, José artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016An X family DNA polymerase protects mitochondrial DNA in the infective filament of Ustilago maydisTenorio-Gómez, María; Pérez-Martín, José póster de congreso
openAccessAppressoriumpost.pdf.jpg2015Appressorium formation in the corn smut fungus Ustilago maydis requires a G2 cell cycle arrestCastanheira, Sónia; Pérez-Martín, José artículo
openAccessJ. Biol. Chem.-1994-Pérez-Martín-22657-62.pdf.jpg9-Sep-1994Co-regulation by bent DNA. Functional substitutions of the integration host factor site at σ54-dependent promoter Pu of the upper-TOL operon by intrinsically curved sequencesPérez-Martín, José ; Timmis, Kenneth N.; Lorenzo, Víctor deartículo
openAccess2009-Rispail-FGB09.pdf.jpgApr-2009Comparative genomics of MAP kinase and calcium–calcineurin signalling components in plant and human pathogenic fungiRispail, Nicolas  ; Sartorel, Elodie; Pérez-Martín, José ; Pietro, Antonio D.artículo
closedAccess6-Mar-2009DNA-damage response in the basidiomycete fungus Ustilago maydis relies in a sole Chk1-like kinasePérez-Martín, José artículo
openAccessEssentiality of Ku70.pdf.jpg2013Essentiality of Ku70/80 in Ustilago maydis is related to its ability to suppress DNA damage signalling at telomeresSena-Tomás, Carmen de; Calzada, Arturo; Yu, Eun Young; Holloman, William K.; Lue, Neal F.; Pérez-Martín, José póster de congreso
openAccessFungal Ku.pdf.jpg2015Fungal Ku prevents permanent cell cycle arrest by suppressing DNA damage signaling at telomeresSena-Tomás, Carmen de; Yu, Eun Young; Calzada, Arturo; Holloman, William K.; Lue, Neal F.; Pérez-Martín, José artículo
openAccessFungal model systems.pdf.jpg2014Fungal model systems and the elucidation of pathogenicity determinantsPerez-Nadales, Elena; Castanheira, Sónia; Pérez-Martín, José artículo
openAccessJ. Biol. Chem.-1996-Pérez-Martín-7899-902.pdf.jpg5-Apr-1996Identification of the repressor subdomain within the signal reception module of the prokaryotic enhancer-binding protein XylR of Pseudomonas putidaPérez-Martín, José ; Lorenzo, Víctor deartículo
openAccessJ. Biol. Chem.-1989-Pérez-Martín-21334-9.pdf.jpg15-Dec-1989Induced bending of plasmid pLS1 DNA by the plasmid-encoded protein RepAPérez-Martín, José ; Solar, Gloria del ; Lurz, Rudi; Campa, Adela G. de la; Dobrinski, Beate; Espinosa, Manuel artículo
openAccessLAMMER ki.pdf.jpg2015LAMMER kinase contributes to genome stability in Ustilago maydisSena-Tomás, Carmen de; Sutherland, Jeanette H.; Milisavljevic, Mira; Nikolic, Dragana B.; Pérez-Martín, José ; Kojic, Milorad; Holloman, William K.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017MES-4 is regulated by the ubiquitin ligase FZR-1/Cdh1Rivera Martín, Sara; Pérez-Martín, José comunicación de congreso
openAccessMre11Blm.PDF.jpg2015Mre11 and blm-dependent formation of ALT-like telomeres in ku-deficient Ustilago maydisYu, Eun Young; Pérez-Martín, José ; Holloman, William K.; Lue, Neal F.artículo
openAccessMRN9-1-1.PDF.jpg2015MRN- and 9-1-1-independent activation of the ATR-Chk1 pathway during the induction of the virulence program in the phytopathogen Ustilago maydisTenorio-Gómez, María; Sena-Tomás, Carmen de; Pérez-Martín, José artículo
openAccessJ. Biol. Chem.-1990-del Solar-12569-75.pdf.jpg25-Jul-1990Plasmid pLS1-encoded RepA protein regulates transcription from repAB promoter by binding to a DNA sequence containing a 13-base pair symmetric elementSolar, Gloria del ; Pérez-Martín, José ; Espinosa, Manuel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Programmed cell cycle arrest is required for infection of corn plants by the fungus Ustilago maydisCastanheira, Sónia; Mielnichuk, N.; Pérez-Martín, José artículo
5-Aug-2019Protein Phosphatase Ppz1 Is Not Regulated by a Hal3-Like Protein in Plant Pathogen Ustilago maydisZhang, Chunyi; de la Torre, Antonio; Pérez-Martín, José ; Ariño, Joaquín
openAccessnar G. del Solar 1989.pdf.jpg1989Purification and characterization of RepA, a protein involved in the copy number control of plasmid pLS1Solar, Gloria del ; Campa, Adela G. de la; Pérez-Martín, José ; Choli, Theodora; Espinosa, Manuel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Targeting GSK3 from Ustilago maydis: Type-II kinase inhibitors as potential antifungalsPérez-Martín, José artículo