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openAccessremotesensing-06-04345.pdf.jpg2014Assessment of Methods for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat-5 TM Images Applicable to Multiscale Tree-Grass Ecosystem ModelingVlassova, Lidia; Pérez-Cabello, Fernando; Nieto, Héctor; Martín, M. Pilar ; Riaño, David  ; Riva, Juan de laartículo
openAccess15-Oct-2008Assessment of radiometric correction techniques in analyzing vegetation variability and change using time series of Landsat imagesVicente Serrano, Sergio M.  ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernando; Lasanta Martínez, Teodoro  artículo
openAccessPPG_Gartzia et al2014.pdf.jpg2014Assessment of the effects of biophysical and anthropogenic factors on woody plant encroachment in dense and sparse mountain grasslands based on remote sensing dataGartzia, Maite  ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernandoartículo
openAccessGartzia2013_mred.pdf.jpgFeb-2013Improving the Accuracy of Vegetation Classifications in Mountainous AreasGartzia, Maite  ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernando; Bueno, C. Guillermo artículo
openAccessFillat_PlosOne_11(5)_2016_Influence_of_Agropastoral.pdf.jpg12-May-2016Influence of Agropastoral System Components on Mountain Grassland Vulnerability Estimated by Connectivity LossGartzia, Maite  ; Fillat, Federico ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernando; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Micro-scale post-fire surface cover changes monitored using high spatial resolution photography in a semiarid environment: A useful tool in the study of post-fire soil erosion processesPérez-Cabello, Fernando; Cerdá, Artemi; Riva, Juan de la; Echeverría, M. T.; García-Martín, Alberto; Ibarra, P.; Lasanta Martínez, Teodoro  ; Montorio, R.; Palacios, Vicenteartículo
openAccessGartzia_Physiognomic and physiologic changes_Applied2016.pdf.jpgJan-2016Physiognomic and physiologic changes in mountain grasslands in response to environmental and anthropogenic factorsGartzia, Maite  ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernando; Bueno, C. Guillermo ; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
openAccess30-Mar-2011Pinus halepensis regeneration after a wildfire in a semiarid environment: assessment using multitemporal Landsat imagesVicente Serrano, Sergio M.  ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernando; Lasanta Martínez, Teodoro  artículo
openAccessForesSAT_2014.pdf.jpg2014Up-scaling gross primary production in a Mediterranean savanna (dehesa) ecosystem using field spectroscopy and radiative transfer modelsPacheco-Labrador, Javier; Martín, M. Pilar ; Carrara, Arnaud; Gimeno, Cristina; Vlasova, Lidia; Pérez-Cabello, Fernandocomunicación de congreso