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openAccessStudy of Wigner functions.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2013A Study of Wigner Functions for Discrete-Time Quantum WalksPérez Cañellas, Armando ; Bañuls Polo, M. Carmen; Hinarejos Doménech, Margarida artículo
openAccessFabbri_Perez_PRD_75_064009_2007.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2007Black hole evaporation in a thermalized final-state projection modelFabbri, Alessandro ; Pérez Cañellas, Armando artículo
openAccessEffects of dissipation.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2010Effects of dissipation on an adiabatic quantum search algorithmVega, Inés de; Bañuls Polo, M. Carmen; Pérez Cañellas, Armando artículo
openAccessperez.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2009Hilbert-space average method and adiabatic quantum searchPérez Cañellas, Armando artículo
openAccessinformation.pdf.jpg20-May-2010Information encoding of a qubit into a multilevel environmentPérez Cañellas, Armando artículo
openAccessPerez_PRA76_052318.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2007Nonadiabatic quantum search algorithmsPérez Cañellas, Armando ; Romanelli, Alejandroartículo
openAccessNonlinear_optical_Galton_board.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2007Nonlinear optical Galton boardNavarrete Benlloch, Carlos; Pérez Cañellas, Armando ; Roldán, Eugenioartículo
openAccessSpatially dependent.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2013Spatially Dependent Decoherence and Anomalous Diffussion of Quantum WalksPérez Cañellas, Armando ; Romanelli, Alejandroartículo
openAccessUnderstanding.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2013Understanding and controlling N-dimensional quantum walks via dispersion relations: application to the two-dimensional and three-dimensional Grover walks-diabolical points and moreHinarejos Doménech, Margarida ; Pérez Cañellas, Armando ; Roldán, Eugenio; Romanelli, Alejandro; Valcárcel Gonzalvo, Germán J. deartículo