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openAccessjournal.pone.0111875.PDF.jpg2014A modified recombineering protocol for the genetic manipulation of gene clusters in Aspergillus fumigatusAlcazar-Fuolia, L.; Cairnsb, T.; Lopez, J.F.; Zonja, Bozo ; Pérez, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià ; Igarashi, Y.; Bowyer, P.; Bignell, E.artículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S2215016120302302-main.pdf.jpgAug-2020Analysis of pharmaceuticals in fish using ultrasound extraction and dispersive spe clean-up on que Z-Sep/C18 followed by LC-QToF-MS detectionPeña Herrera, J. M.; Montemurro, Nicola; Barceló, Damià ; Pérez, Sandra artículo
openAccess9-Nov-2011Combination of QqToF-MS and QLIT-MS for the identification and quantitation of TPs of ICM in environmental watersGago Ferrero, Pablo; Badia-Fabregat, Marina; Blánquez, Paqui; Vicent, Teresa; Caminal, Glòria ; Díaz-Cruz, M. Silvia ; Pérez, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià actas de congreso
openAccess1-s2.0-S0048969715303351-main.pdf.jpg2016Concentration and risk of pharmaceuticals in freshwater systems are related to the population density and the livestock units in Iberian RiversOsorio, Victoria ; Larrañaga, A.; Aceña, Jaume ; Pérez, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià artículo
embargoedAccessDevelopment and application of a QuEChERS method with liquid.pdf.jpg2021Development and application of a QuEChERS method with liquid chromatography-quadrupole time of flight-mass spectrometry for the determination of 50 wastewater-borne pollutants in earthworms exposed through treated wastewaterMontemurro, Nicola; Pérez, Sandra artículo
embargoedAccessEffect of the pharmaceuticals diclofenac and lamotrigine on stress responses and stress gene expression in lettuce.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2021Effect of the pharmaceuticals diclofenac and lamotrigine on stress responses and stress gene expression in lettuce (Lactuca sativa) at environmentally relevant concentrationsBigott, Yvonne; Chowdhury, Soumitra Paul; Pérez, Sandra ; Montemurro, Nicola; Manasfi, Rayana; Schröder, Peterartículo
openAccess13-Apr-2011Identification of transformation products of iohexol performed in sunlight simulator using ESI-QqToF-MSZonja, Bozo ; Pérez, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià actas de congreso
embargoedAccess1-s2.0-S0048969720362719-main.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2020Impact of long-term irrigation with municipal reclaimed wastewater on the uptake and degradation of organic contaminants in lettuce and leekManasfi, Rayana; Brienza, Mónica; Ait-Mouheb, Nassim; Montemurro, Nicola; Pérez, Sandra ; Chiron, Sergeartículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S0048969713004865-main.pdf.jpg2013Light-induced catalytic transformation of ofloxacin by solar Fenton in various water matrices at a pilot plant: Mineralization and characterization of major intermediate productsMichael, I.; Hapeshi, E.; Aceña, J.; Pérez, Sandra ; Petrovic, M.; Zapata, A.; Barceló, Damià ; Malato, S.; Fatta-Kassinos, D.artículo
openAccess21-Apr-2011On the microbial degradation of lamotrigine in activated sludge and its occurrence in wastewater and surface watersPérez, Sandra ; Osorio, Victoria ; Barceló, Damià actas de congreso
embargoedAccessPre-Proof-1-s2.0-S0048969720358733-main.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2021Priority and emerging organic microcontaminants in three Mediterranean river basins: Occurrence, spatial distribution, and identification of river basin specific pollutantsKöck-Schulmeyer, Marianne; Ginebreda Martí, Antoni ; Petrovic, Mira ; Giulivo, Monica; Aznar-Alemany, Òscar ; Eljarrat, Ethel  ; Valle-Sistac, Jennifer; Molins-Delgado, Daniel; Díaz-Cruz, M. Silvia ; Monllor-Alcaraz, Luis Simón; Guillem-Argiles, Nuria; Martínez, Elena ; López De Alda, Miren ; Llorca, Marta ; Farrè, Marinella; Peña, Juan Manuel; Mandaric, Ladislav; Pérez, Sandra ; Majone, Bruno; Bellin, Alberto; Kalogianni, Eleni; Skoulikidis, Nikolaos T. H.; Milačič, Radmila; Barceló, Damià artículo
embargoedAccess1-s2.0-S0304389420314904-main.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2021Removal and toxicity evaluation of a diverse group of drugs from water by a cyclodextrin polymer/pulsed light systemGómez-Morte, T.; Gómez-López, V.M.; Lucas-Abellán, C.; Martínez-Alcalá, I.; Ayuso, M.; Martínez-López, S.; Montemurro, Nicola; Pérez, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià ; Fini, P.; Cosma, P.; Cerón-Carrasco, J.P.; Fortea, M. I.; Núñez-Delicado, E.; Gabaldón, J. A.artículo
openAccess13-Apr-2011Using ESI-QToF-MS for the identification of phototransformation products of sildenafil (Viagra) and its human metabolite N-demethyl-sildenafil generated in a sunlight simulatorPérez, Sandra ; Eichhorn, P.; P. Gardinali, R.; Barceló, Damià actas de congreso