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openAccessOrdoñez et al postprint.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2013Early biotic interactions among introduced and native benthic species unveil cryptic predation and shifts in larval behaviourOrdóñez, Víctor; Rius, Marc ; McQuaid, Christopher D.; Pineda, M. C. ; Pascual, Marta; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccessOrdonez et al Mar Biol preprint.pdf.jpg2013Mixed but not admixed: a spatial analysis of genetic variation of an invasive ascidian on natural and artificial substratesOrdóñez, Víctor; Pascual, Marta; Rius, Marc ; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccessordóñez et al Dvex 2015.pdf.jpg2015Ongoing expansion of the worldwide invader Didemnum vexillum (Ascidiacea) in the Mediterranean Sea: high plasticity of its biological cycle promotes establishment in warm watersOrdóñez, Víctor; Pascual, Marta; Fernández-Tejedor, Margarita; Pineda, M. C. ; Tagliapietra, D.; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccessCarreras_et_al-2017-Scientific_Reports.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2017Population genomics of an endemic Mediterranean fish: differentiation by fine scale dispersal and adaptationCarreras, Carlos ; Ordóñez, Víctor; Zane, Lorenzo; Kruschel, Claudia; Nastro, Ina; Macpherson, Enrique  ; Pascual, Martaartículo
openAccessCasso et al revised version.pdf.jpg2018Seasonal patterns of settlement and growth of introduced and native ascidians in bivalve cultures in the Ebro Delta (NE Iberian Peninsula)Casso, Maria  ; Navarro, Marina; Ordóñez, Víctor; Fernández-Tejedor, Margarita; Pascual, Marta; Turon, Xavier  artículo
openAccesspineda et al 2012 PLoS One.pdf.jpg2012Tough Adults, Frail Babies: An Analysis of Stress Sensitivity across Early Life-History Stages of Widely Introduced Marine InvertebratesPineda, M. C. ; McQuaid, Christopher D.; Turon, Xavier  ; López-Legentil, S.; Ordóñez, Víctor; Rius, Marc artículo
openAccessrius et al 2012.pdf.jpg2012Tracking Invasion Histories in the Sea: Facing Complex Scenarios Using Multilocus DataRius, Marc ; Turon, Xavier  ; Ordóñez, Víctor; Pascual, Martaartículo
openAccessOrdonez et al 2016.pdf.jpg2016When invasion biology meets taxonomy: Clavelina oblonga (Ascidiacea) is an old invader in the Mediterranean SeaOrdóñez, Víctor; Pascual, Marta; Fernández-Tejedor, Margarita; Turon, Xavier  artículo