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openAccessComplete genome sequence of streptacidiphilus sp. strain 15-057A, obtained from bronchial lavage fluid.pdf.jpg2018Complete Genome Sequence of Streptacidiphilus sp. Strain 15-057A, Obtained from Bronchial Lavage FluidArthur, Robert A.; Gulvik, Christopher A.; Humrighouse, Ben W.; Lasker, Brent A.; Batra, Dhwani; Rowe, Lori A.; Igual, José Mariano  ; Nouioui, Imen; Klenk, Hans-Peter; McQuiston, John R.artículo
openAccessmicromonospora acroterricola.pdf.jpg2019Micromonospora acroterricola sp. nov., a novel actinobacterium isolated from a high altitude Atacama Desert soilCarro, Lorena ; Golinska, Patrycja; Nouioui, Imen; Bull, Alan T.; Igual, José Mariano  ; Andrews, Barbara A.; Klenk, Hans Peter; Goodfellow, Michaelartículo
openAccessModestobacter italicus sp. nov., isolated from Carrara marble quarry.pdf.jpg2019Modestobacter italicus sp. nov., isolated from Carrara marble quarry and emended descriptions of the genus Modestobacter and the species Modestobacter marinus, Modestobacter multiseptatus, Modestobacter roseus and Modestobacter versicolorMontero-Calasanz, María del Carmen; Yaramis, Adnan; Nouioui, Imen; Igual, José Mariano  ; Spröer, Cathrin; Castro, Jean Franco; Schumann, Peter; Klenk, Hans Peter; Urzì, Claraartículo
openAccessmycolicibacterium stellarae.pdf.jpg2019Mycolicibacterium stellerae sp. Nov., a rapidly growing scotochromogenic strain isolated from stellera chamaejasmeNouioui, Imen; Sangal, Vartul; Cortes-Albayay, Carlos; Jando, Marlen; Igual, José Mariano  ; Klenk, Hans Peter; Zhang, Yu Qin; Goodfellow, Michaelartículo
openAccesspolyphasic classification of the gifted natural.pdf.jpg2019Polyphasic classification of the gifted natural product producer Streptomyces roseifaciens sp. nov.Van der Aart, Lizah T.; Nouioui, Imen; Kloosterman, Alexander; Igual, José Mariano  ; Willemse, Joost; Goodfellow, Michael; Van Wezel, Guilles P.artículo
openAccessStreptacidiphilus bronchialis.pdf.jpg2019treptacidiphilus bronchialis sp. nov., a ciprofloxacin-resistant bacterium from a human clinical specimen; reclassification of Streptomyces griseoplanus as Streptacidiphilus griseoplanus comb. nov. and emended description of the genus StreptacidiphilNouioui, Imen; Klenk, Hans Peter; Igual, José Mariano  ; Gulvik, Christopher A.; Lasker, Brent A.; McQuiston, John R.artículo
openAccessuncovering the potential of novel micromonosporae isolated.pdf.jpg2019Uncovering the potential of novel micromonosporae isolated from an extreme hyper-arid Atacama Desert soilCarro, Lorena ; Franco Castro, Jean; Razmilic, Valeria; Nouioui, Imen; Pan, Che; Igual, José Mariano  ; Jaspars, Marsel; Goodfellow, Michael; Bull, Alan T.; Asenjo, Juan A.; Klenk, Hans-Peterartículo