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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessBETcan.pdf.jpg2017BET inhibitors as novel therapeutic agents in breast cancerOcaña, Alberto; Nieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Pandiella, Atanasio  artículo
openAccess10.1242-jcs.062331.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2010ccz-1 mediates the digestion of apoptotic corpses in C. elegansNieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Moreno, Sergio ; Cabello, Juan artículo
openAccessdnacanc.pdf.jpg2017DNA-damage related genes and clinical outcome in hormone receptor positive breast cancerNieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Alcaraz-Sanabria, Ana; Páez, Raquel; Pérez-Peña, Javier; Corrales-Sánchez, Verónica; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; Ocaña, Albertoartículo
openAccessinsilicokinase.pdf.jpg2016In silico analyses identify gene-sets, associated with clinical outcome in ovarian cancer: Role of mitotic kinasesOcaña, Alberto; Pérez-Peña, Javier; Alcaraz-Sanabria, Ana; Sánchez-Corrales, Verónica; Nieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Templeton, Arnoud J.; Seruga, Bostjan; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; Amir, Eitanartículo
openAccessmitotitumor.pdf.jpg2017Mitotic read-out genes confer poor outcome in luminal A breast cancer tumorsPérez-Peña, Javier; Alcaraz-Sanabria, Ana; Nieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Páez, Raquel; Corrales-Sánchez, Verónica; Serrano-Oviedo, Leticia; Wali, Vikram B.; Patwardhan, Gauri A.; Amir, Eitan; Győrffy, Balázs; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; Ocaña, Albertoartículo
openAccessneutrostrateg.pdf.jpg2017Neutrophils in cancer: prognostic role and therapeutic strategiesOcaña, Alberto; Nieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; Templeton, Arnoud J.artículo
openAccesssyntcanc.pdf.jpg2017Synthetic lethality interaction between aurora kinases and CHEK1 inhibitors in ovarian cancerAlcaraz-Sanabria, Ana; Nieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Corrales-Sánchez, Verónica; Serrano-Oviedo, Leticia; Andrés-Pretel, Fernando; Montero, Juan Carlos ; Burgos, Miguel; Llopis, Juan; Galán-Moya, Eva María; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; Ocaña, Albertoartículo
openAccesstargetinhibi.pdf.jpg2017Targeting basal-like breast tumors with bromodomain and extraterminal domain (BET) and polo-like kinase inhibitorsNieto-Jiménez, Cristina; Alcaraz-Sanabria, Ana; Pérez-Peña, Javier; Corrales-Sánchez, Verónica; Serrano-Heras, Gemma ; Galán-Moya, Eva María; Serrano-Oviedo, Leticia; Montero, Juan Carlos ; Burgos, Miguel; Llopis, Juan; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; Ocaña, Albertoartículo