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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014A fast LC-MS/MS assay for methotrexate monitoring in plasma: Validation, comparison to FPIA and application in the setting of carboxypeptidase therapyBouquié, Règis; Nieto, Blancaartículo
openAccessfocalyeast.pdf.jpg2017Focal accumulation of preribosomes outside the nucleolus during metaphase-anaphase in budding yeastMoriggi, Giulia; Gaspar, Sonia G.; Nieto, Blanca; Bustelo, Xosé R.  ; Dosil, Mercedes  artículo
openAccessMoriggi.poster.SEBBM.pdf.jpg2016Identification of an extranucleolar site of ribosome production in yeastMoriggi, Giulia; Gaspar, Sonia G.; Nieto, Blanca; Dosil, Mercedes  póster de congreso
openAccessidentifbiosy.pdf.jpg2020Identification of distinct maturation steps involved in human 40S ribosomal subunit biosynthesisNieto, Blanca; Gaspar, Sonia G.; Moriggi, Giulia; Pestov, Dimitri G.; Bustelo, Xosé R.  ; Dosil, Mercedes artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016New insights into ribosome formation in human cellsNieto, Blanca; Moriggi, Giulia; Gaspar, Sonia G.; Bustelo, Xosé R.  ; Dosil, Mercedes  póster de congreso
openAccessm282p245.pdf.jpg2004Population structure of albacore Thunnus alalunga inferred from blood groups and tag-recapture analysesArrizabalaga, H.; Costas, Eduardo; Juste, Javier ; González-Garcés, A.; Nieto, Blanca; López-Rodas, Victoria artículo
openAccessSubunit Biogenesis.pdf.jpg2014Rrp12 and the Exportin Crm1 Participate in Late Assembly Events in the Nucleolus during 40S Ribosomal Subunit BiogenesisMoriggi, Giulia; Nieto, Blanca; Dosil, Mercedes  artículo