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openAccessArellano et al 2002.pdf.jpgOct-2002Bacteriochlorophyll e monomers, but not aggregates, sensitize singlet oxygen: implications for a self-photoprotection mechanism in chlorosomes.Arellano, Juan B.  ; Melo, Thor Bernt; Borrego, Carles M.; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessChapter 12_digital CSIC.pdf.jpgJan-2016Endogenous Singlet Oxygen Photosensitizers in Plants.Arellano, Juan B.  ; Naqvi, K. Razicapítulo de libro
openAccessArellano et al 1998.pdf.jpgJul-1998Estimation of Pigment Stoichiometries in Photosynthetic Systems of Purple Bacteria: Special Reference to the (Absence of) Second Carotenoid in LH2Arellano, Juan B.  ; Raju, B. Bangar; Naqvi, K. Razi; Gillbro, Tomasartículo
openAccessb905454e.pdf.jpgJul-2009Facile method for spectroscopic examination of radical ions of hydrophilic carotenoidsNaqvi, K. Razi; Melo, Thor Bernt; Jávorfi, Tamás; González Pérez, Sergio ; Arellano, Juan B.  artículo
openAccessPresentación1.tif.jpgMay-2007Formation and geminate quenching of singlet oxygen in purple bacterial reaction centerArellano, Juan B.  ; Yousef, Yaser A.; Melo, Thor Bernt; Mohamad, Samsun B. B.; Cogdell, Richard J.; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessArellano et al 2004_DCSIC.pdf.jpgJan-2004Multichannel Flash Spectroscopy of the Reaction Centers of Wild-type and Mutant Rhodobacter Sphaeroides: BacteriochlorophyllB-mediated Interaction Between the Carotenoid Triplet and the Special PairArellano, Juan B.  ; Melo, Thor Bernt; Fyfe, Paul K.; Cogdell, Richard J.; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessArellano et al 2000.pdf.jpgNov-2000Nanosecond laser photolysis studies of chlorosomes and artificial aggregates containing bacteriochlorophyll e: Evidence for the proximity of carotenoids and bacteriochlorophyll a in chlorosomes from Chlorobium phaeobacteroides strain CL1401Arellano, Juan B.  ; Melo, Thor Bernt; Borrego, Carles M.; García-Gil, L. Jesús; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessbi701440zn00001.gif.jpgDec-2007Reaction center of photosystem II with no peripheral pigments in D2 allows secondary electron transfer in D1Arellano, Juan B.  ; González Pérez, Sergio ; Vácha, Frantisek; Melo, Thor Bernt; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessArellano et al IJCK_submitted to IJCK.pdf.jpgJun-2017The ORAC Assay: Mathematical Analysis of the Rate Equations and Some Practical ConsiderationsArellano, Juan B.  ; Mellado-Ortega, Elena; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessArellano et al 2011_DigitalCSIC.pdf.jpgOct-2011Trolox, a Water-Soluble Analogue of α-Tocopherol, Photoprotects the Surface-Exposed Regions of the Photosystem II Reaction Center in Vitro. Is This Physiologically Relevant?Arellano, Juan B.  ; Li, Heng; González Pérez, Sergio ; Gutiérrez Merino, Jorge ; Melo, Thor Bernt; Vácha, Frantisek; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo