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openAccessCuezvaJM_Coordinateβ-adrenergic.pdf.jpg2020Coordinate β-adrenergic inhibition of mitochondrial activity and angiogenesis arrest tumor growthNuevo-Tapioles, Cristina ; Santacatterina, Fulvio ; Stamatakis, Konstantinos ; Núñez de Arenas, Cristina ; Gómez de Cedrón, Marta; Formentini, Laura ; Cuezva, José Martículo
openAccessSatrústeguiJ_DownRegulationOfOxidativePhosphorylation.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2015Down-regulation of oxidative phosphorylation in the liver by expression of the ATPase inhibitory factor 1 induces a tumor-promoter metabolic stateSantacatterina, Fulvio ; Sánchez-Cenizo, Laura ; Formentini, Laura ; Casas, Estela; Rueda, Carlos B. ; Martínez-Reyes, Inmaculada ; Núñez de Arenas, Cristina ; García-Bermúdez, Javier ; Sánchez-Aragó, María ; Satrústegui, Jorgina ; Cuezva, José M. artículo
openAccessCuezvaJM_MitochondrialROSProduction.pdf.jpg9-May-2017Mitochondrial ROS Production Protects the Intestine from Inflammation through Functional M2 Macrophage PolarizationFormentini, Laura ; Santacatterina, Fulvio ; Núñez de Arenas, Cristina ; Stamatakis, Konstantinos ; López-Martínez, David; Logan, Angela; Fresno, Manuel  ; Smits, Ron; Murphy, Michael P.; Cuezva, José Martículo
openAccessCuezva JM Quantitative.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2015Quantitative analysis of proteins of metabolism by reverse phase protein microarrays identifies potential biomarkers of rare neuromuscular diseasesSantacatterina, Fulvio ; Chamorro, Margarita ; Núñez de Arenas, Cristina ; Navarro, Carmen; Martín, Miguel A.; Cuezva, José M. ; Sánchez-Aragó, María artículo