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openAccessPeinado.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2009A4 model for lepton masses and mixingsPeinado, Eduardo ; Morisi, Stefanoartículo
openAccessA4-based.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2009A4-based tri-bimaximal mixing within inverse and linear seesaw schemesHirsch, Martin ; Morisi, Stefano; Valle, José W. F. artículo
openAccessARTICULOS316127[1].pdf.jpgJul-2011Admixture of quasi-Dirac and Majorana neutrinos with tri-bimaximal mixingMorisi, Stefano; Peinado, Eduardo artículo
openAccessbazzo2.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2008Embedding A(4) into SU(3) x U(1) flavor symmetry: large neutrino mixing and fermion mass hierarchy in the SO(10) GUTBazzocchi, Federica ; Morisi, Stefano; Picariello, M.; Torrente Luján, Emilioartículo
openAccessbazzocchi.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2009Fermion masses and mixings in a S-4 based modelBazzocchi, Federica ; Merlo, Luca ; Morisi, Stefanoartículo
openAccessthe hunt.pdf.jpg5-May-2010The Hunt for New Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderNath, Pran; Valle, José W. F. ; Hirsch, Martin ; Morisi, Stefano; Heinemeyer, Sven  ; Santiago, J.artículo
openAccessinverse tribimaximal.pdf.jpgSep-2009Inverse tribimaximal type-III seesaw mechanism and lepton flavor violationValle, José W. F. ; Morisi, Stefano; Ibáñez Gil de Ramales, Davidartículo
openAccessMorisi_et_al_PRD75_075015_2007.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2007Model for fermion masses and lepton mixing in SO(10) x A(4)Morisi, Stefano; Picariello, Marco; Torrente Luján, Emilioartículo
closedAccess5-Feb-2009Modelling tribimaximal neutrino mixingHirsch, Martin ; Morisi, Stefano; Valle, José W. F. artículo
openAccessmorisi.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2009Phenomenological consequences of the seesaw mechanism in S-4 based modelsBazzocchi, Federica ; Merlo, Luca ; Morisi, Stefanoartículo
openAccessProbing the Majorana.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2010Probing the Majorana nature of the neutrino with neutrinoless double beta decayMorisi, Stefanocomunicación de congreso
openAccess0604106v2.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2007Quark masses and mixings in E-6 x S-3: A Monte Carlo approachMorisi, Stefanoartículo
openAccessatmospheric angle.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2010S-4 model for quarks and leptons with maximal atmospheric angleMorisi, Stefano; Peinado, Eduardo artículo
openAccessTri-Bimaximal.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2010Tri/Bi-maximal lepton mixing and leptogenesisMorisi, Stefano; Merlo, Luca ; Medeiros Varzielas, I. de; Bazzocchi, Federica ; Aristizábal Sierra, D. trabajo de divulgación
closedAccess10-Feb-2009Tribimaximal lepton mixing with A(4)x(Z(2))(3)Morisi, Stefanoartículo