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openAccessFRI-2016-347-358.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2016A peptidomic approach for the identification of antioxidant and ACE-inhibitory peptides in sardinelle protein hydrolysates fermented by Bacillus subtilis A26 and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens An6Jemil, Ines; Mora, Leticia ; Nasri, Rim; Abdelhedi, Ola; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Hajji, Mohamed; Nasri, Moncef; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessIJFM-2015-Mora-41.pdf.jpg2015A peptidomic approach to study the contribution of added casein proteins to the peptide profile in Spanish dry-fermented sausagesMora, Leticia ; Escudero, Elizabeth ; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessApp Biochem Biotech 2017 181-48-64.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2016ACE-Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities of Peptide Fragments Obtained from Tomato Processing By-Products Fermented Using Bacillus subtilis: Effect of Amino Acid Composition and Peptides Molecular Mass DistributionMoayedi, Ali; Mora, Leticia ; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Hashemi, Maryam; Safari, Mohammad; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessnutrients-10-01259.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2018ACEI-inhibitory peptides naturally generated in meat and meat products and their health relevanceMora, Leticia ; Gallego, Marta ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessAlternative_Hayes_Art_2021.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2021Alternative Proteins as a Source of Bioactive Peptides: The Edible Snail and Generation of Hydrolysates Containing Peptides with Bioactive Potential for Use as Functional FoodsHayes, María; Mora, Leticia artículo
openAccessInt J Food Sci Technol 2016-1604-1609.pdf.jpg21-May-2016Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides FQPSF and LKYPI identified in Bacillus subtilis A26 hydrolysate of thornback ray muscle AuthorsLassoued, Imen; Mora, Leticia ; Barkia, Ahmed; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Nasri, Moncef; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Microb 2016-133-141.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2016Antilisterial peptides from Spanish dry-cured hams: Purification and identificationCastellano, Patricia; Mora, Leticia ; Escudero, Elizabeth ; Vignolo, Graciela; Aznar, Rosa ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Anal Meth 2019_ 2401-2415.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2019Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Peptides Extracted from Meat By-products: a ReviewBorrajo, Paula; Pateiro, Mirian; Barba, Francisco J.; Mora, Leticia ; Franco, Daniel ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Lorenzo, José M.artículo
openAccessGallego-JFunctFoods2020.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2020Antioxidant peptides profile in dry-cured ham as affected by gastrointestinal digestionGallego, Marta ; Mauri, Lodovica; Aristoy, M. Concepción; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Mora, Leticia artículo
openAccessmarinedrugs-17-00194.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2019Assessment of Cholesterol, Glycemia Control and Short- and Long-Term Antihypertensive Effects of Smooth Hound Viscera Peptides in High-Salt and Fructose Diet-Fed Wistar RatsAbdelhedi, Ola; Khemakhem, Hana; Nasri, Rim; Jridi, Mourad; Mora, Leticia ; Ben Amor, Ikram; Jamoussi, Kamel; Toldrá, Fidel; Gargouri, Jalel; Nasri, Moncefartículo
openAccessInt J Food Microb 2018_276_71-78.pdf.jpg2018Bioactive peptides and free amino acids profiles in different types of European dry-fermented sausagesGallego, Marta ; Mora, Leticia ; Escudero, Elizabeth ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessTIFS 2018 79_136-147.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2018Bioactive peptides as natural antioxidants in food products - A reviewLorenzo, J.M.; Munekata, P.E.S.; Gómez, B.; Barba, F.J.; Mora, Leticia ; Pérez-Santaescolástica, C.; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Research Int_2014_65_344.pdf.jpg2014Bioactive peptides generated from meat industry by-productsMora, Leticia ; Reig, Milagro; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Chem 2020 321 126689.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020Bioactive peptides generated in the processing of dry-cured hamToldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Gallego, Marta ; Reig, Milagro; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Mora, Leticia artículo
openAccessTIFS-2017-Mora.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2017Challenges in the quantitation of naturally generated bioactive peptides in processed meatsMora, Leticia ; Gallego, Marta ; Reig, Milagro; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Chem 2018_258_8-15.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2018Characterisation of the antioxidant peptide AEEEYPDL and its quantification in Spanish dry-cured hamGallego, Marta ; Mora, Leticia ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Res 2016 89-638-646.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2016Characterization of the peptide profile in Spanish Teruel, Italian Parma and Belgian dry-cured hams and its potential bioactivityMora, Leticia ; Escudero, Elizabeth ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessFood Res 2016-9-23.pdf.jpg16-May-2016Combined biocatalytic conversion of smooth hound viscera: Protein hydrolysates elaboration and assessment of their antioxidant, anti-ACE and antibacterial activitiesAbdelhedi, Ola; Jridi, Mourad; Jemil, Ines; Mora, Leticia ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Boualga, Ahmed; Nasri, Moncef; Nasri, Rimartículo
openAccessJ Food Biochem 2019- 43_e12819.pdf.jpg2019Controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of pollen protein as promising tool for production of potential bioactive peptidesMaqsoudlou, Atefe; Sadeghi Mahoonak, Alireza; Mora, Leticia ; Mohebodini, Hossein; Ghorbani, Mohamad; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessDatainBrief2020-Xiao.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2020Data on bioactive peptides derived from chicken hydrolysate with potential alcohol dehydrogenase stabilizing activity and in silico analysis of their potential activity and applicabilityXiao, C.; Zhao, M.; Zhou, F.; Gallego, Marta ; Toldrá, Fidel; Mora, Leticia artículo de datos