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closedAccess1999A two-dimensional particle tracking model for pollution dispersion in A Coruna and Vigo Rias (NW Spain)Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Montero, Pedro; Prego, R. ; Taboada, J. J.; Leitao, Paulo; Ruiz-Villarreal, M.; Neves, Ramiro; Pérez-Villar, V.artículo
closedAccess1998Evaluation of the seasonal variations in the residual circulation in the Ria of Vigo (NW Spain) by means of a 3D Baroclinic modelTaboada, J. J.; Prego, R. ; Ruiz-Villarreal, M.; Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Montero, Pedro; Santos, A. Miguel P.; Pérez-Villar, V.artículo
closedAccess2002Hydrodynamic model study of the Ria de Pontevedra under estuarine conditionsRuiz-Villarreal, M.; Montero, Pedro; Taboada, J. J.; Prego, R. ; Leitao, Paulo; Pérez-Villar, V.artículo
openAccessHydrogrsphy_Pontevedra_ria.pdf.jpg2001Hydrography of the Pontevedra Ria: Intra-annual spatial and temporal variability in a Galician coastal system (NW Spain)Prego, R. ; Dale, Andrew W.; Castro, M. de; Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Taboada, J. J.; Montero, Pedro; Villareal, Manuel R.; Pérez-Villar, V.artículo
openAccess15_031-038.pdf.jpg1999On residual circulation of the Ria of Vigo, using a 3-D baroclinic modelMontero, Pedro; Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Taboada, J. J.; Ruiz-Villarreal, M.; Santos, A. Miguel P.; Neves, Ramiro; Prego, R. ; Pérez-Villar, V.artículo
openAccessUnderstanding_mortality_poster_2019.pdf.jpg2019Understanding the mortality event of Polititapes rhomboides in 2010 in GaliciaDarriba, Susana; Villacieros-Robineau, Nicolás; Febrero, Fernando; Rodríguez, Luis; Gilcoto, Miguel  ; Montero, Pedro; López, Carmenpóster de congreso
closedAccess2000Wind and tidal influence on water circulation in a galician ria (NW Spain)Castro, M. de; Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Prego, R. ; Taboada, J. J.; Montero, Pedro; Herbello, P. ; Pérez-Villar, V.artículo