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embargoedAccessPostP_2019_JCTB_V94_P1509.pdf.jpgMay-2019A new and simple kinetic model for assessing the dynamic behavior and simulating the biochemical methane potential (BMP) of sewage sludge in the presence of fly ashHuiliñir, César; Montalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessPostprint_2016_EnviromRev_V24_P84.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2015Advances in the biological removal of sulphides from aqueous phase in anaerobic processes: A reviewGuerrero, Lorna; Montalvo, Silvio; Huiliñir, César; Campos, José Luis; Barahona, Andrea; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessAPPLIED_CLAY_SCIENCE_58_2012_125_133.pdf.jpgApr-2012Application of natural zeolites in anaerobic digestion processes: A reviewMontalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Sánchez, Enrique; Milán, Zhenia; Cortés, Isel; Rubia, M. Ángeles de la artículo
openAccessPostprint_Process_Biochem_2014_2220.pdf.jpg2014Assessment of a UASB reactor with high ammonia concentrations: Effect of zeolite addition on process performanceMontalvo, Silvio; Martín, Julio San; Huiliñir, César; Guerrero, Lorna; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessPOSTPRINT_2016_JENVIRON_SCI_HEALTH_A_V51_P650.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2016Autotrophic and heterotrophic denitrification for simultaneous removal of nitrogen, sulfur and organic matterGuerrero, Lorna; Aguirre, Juan P.; Muñoz, María A.; Barahona, Andrea; Huiliñir, César; Montalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
embargoedAccessPostP_2018_IBB_V126_P21.pdf.jpgJan-2020Biological removal of gaseous sulfur dioxide through the reduction to hydrogen sulfide by means of Desulfovibrio desulfuricansPapi, S.; Montalvo, Silvio; Papic, L.j.; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessPostprint_J_Environ_Sci_Health_A_2014_857.pdf.jpg2014Effect of dissolved oxygen and temperature on macromolecular composition and PHB storage of activated sludgeReyes, Paula; Urtubia, Alejandra; Schiappacasse, María Cristina; Chamy, Rolando; Montalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessInfluent_COD.pdf.jpg2010Effect of the influent COD concentration on the anaerobic digestion of winery wastewaters from grape-red and tropical fruit (guava) wine production in fluidized bed reactors with chilean natural zeolite for biomass immobilizationMontalvo, Silvio; Guerrero, Lorna; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Cortés, Isel; Sánchez, Enrique; Colmenarejo Morcillo, Manuel F. artículo
openAccessJENVIRON_SCI_HEALTHA47_3_2012_420-427_zeolite particle size.pdf.jpg2012Evaluation of natural zeolite as microorganism support medium in nitrifying batch reactors: Influence of zeolite particle sizeMery, C.; Guerrero, Lorna; Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge ; Figueroa, M.; Lema, J. M.; Montalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessPostprint_Int_J_Environ_Sci_Technol_2014_43.pdf.jpg2014Improvement in nitrification through the use of natural zeolite: Influence of the biomass concentration and inoculum sourceMontalvo, Silvio; Guerrero, Lorna; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
embargoedAccessPotP_2018_RE_V123_P541.pdf.jpgAug-2018Increase in biogas production in anaerobic sludge digestion by combining aerobic hydrolysis and addition of metallic wastesMontalvo, Silvio; Vielma, Stephania; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Huiliñir, César; Guerrero, Lornaartículo
openAccessJEnvironSciHealth_A_45_11_ 2010_1307_1314_Influence_heavy_metals.pdf.jpg2010Influence of heavy metal supplementation on specific methanogenic activity and microbial communities detected in batch anaerobic digestersMilán, Zhenia; Sánchez, Enrique; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Montalvo, Silvio; Ruiz-Tagle, Nathaly; Urrutia, Homero E.; Chamy, Rolandoartículo
openAccessBioresource Technology 101 (2010) 3452-3456.pdf.jpgMay-2010Kinetic evaluation and performance of pilot-scale fed-batch aerated lagoons treating winery wastewatersMontalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Martín, Antonio artículo
openAccessBioresource Technology 101 (2010) 131-137.pdf.jpgJan-2010Kinetic evaluation of the psychrophylic anaerobic digestion of synthetic domestic sewage using an upflow filterMartín, M. A.; Rubia, M. Ángeles de la ; Martín, Antonio ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Montalvo, Silvio; Sánchez, Enriqueartículo
closedAccess1-Feb-2009Kinetics of anaerobic degradation of screened dairy manure by upflow fixed bed digesters: Effect of natural zeolite additionNikolaeva, S.; Sánchez, Enrique; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Raposo Bejines, Francisco  ; Colmenarejo Morcillo, Manuel F. ; Montalvo, Silvio; Jiménez-Rodríguez, A. M.artículo
openAccessJ_Environ_Sci_Health_A 46_2011_1385_139_N and P removal.pdf.jpgOct-2011Nitrogen and phosphorus removal using a novel integrated system of natural zeolite and limeMontalvo, Silvio; Guerrero, Lorna; Milán, Zhenia; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessJ  Environ  Sci  Health A 44 (7) (2009) 673-681.pdf.jpgJun-2009Performance evaluation of a two-phase anaerobic digestion process of synthetic domestic wastewater at ambient temperatureGuerrero, Lorna; Montalvo, Silvio; Coronado, Eugenio; Chamy, Rolando; Poirrier, Paola; Crutchik, D.; Sánchez, Enrique; Rubia, M. Ángeles de la ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
openAccessPost_2016_JEnvSciHealth_A_BorjaR.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2016Performance evaluation of micro-aerobic hydrolysis of mixed sludge: Optimum aeration and effect on its biochemical methane potentialMontalvo, Silvio; Ojeda, Felipe; Huiliñir, César; Guerrero, Lorna; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Castillo, Alejandraartículo
openAccessPostprint_2016_IJEST_V13_P2325.pdf.jpgOct-2016Simultaneous nitrification–denitrification of wastewater: effect of zeolite as a support in sequential batch reactor with step-feed strategyGuerrero, Lorna; Montalvo, Silvio; Huiliñir, César; Barahona, Andrea; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Cortés, Arturoartículo
openAccessPostprint_Ecological_Eng_2014_70.pdf.jpg2014Start-up and performance of UASB reactors using zeolite for improvement of nitrate removal processMontalvo, Silvio; Guerrero, Lorna; Robles, M.; Mery, C.; Huiliñir, César; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo