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closedAccessFeb-2010Aggregation and Contingent Metal/Surface Reactivity of 1,3,8,10-Tetraazaperopyrene (TAPP) on Cu(111)Matena, Manfred; Stöhr, Meike; Björk, Jonas; Dyer, Matthew S.; Persson, Mats; Lobo-Checa, Jorge ; Müller, Kathrin; Jung, Thomas A.; Gade, Lutz H.Artículo
closedAccessQuantum_dots_Press_release.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2009Band formation from coupled quantum dots formed by a nanoporous network on a copper surfaceLobo-Checa, Jorge ; Matena, Manfred; Müller, Kathrin; Dil, Jan Hugo; Meier, Fabian; Gade, Lutz H.; Jung, Thomas A.; Stöhr, MeikeArtículo
openAccessLifshitz transition.pdf.jpg2011Lifshitz transition across the Ag/Cu(111) superlattice band gap tuned by interface dopingAbd El-Fattah, Z. M. ; Matena, Manfred; Corso, Martina ; García de Abajo, Francisco Javier ; Schiller, Frederik ; Ortega, J. Enrique Artículo
openAccessnanocluster superlattices.pdf.jpg2014Magnetism and morphology of Co nanocluster superlattices on GdAu2 /Au(111)- (13×13)Cavallin, A.; Fernández, Laura; Ilyn, Max; Magaña, Ana; Ormaza, Maider; Matena, Manfred; Vitali, Lucia ; Ortega, J. Enrique ; Ohresser, Philippe; Schiller, Frederik Artículo
openAccessModifying the Cu.pdf.jpg2012Modifying the Cu(111) Shockley surface state by Au alloyingAbd El-Fattah, Z. M. ; Matena, Manfred; Corso, Martina ; Ormaza, Maider; Ortega, J. Enrique ; Schiller, Frederik Artículo
openAccessScattering of surface electrons.pdf.jpg2013Scattering of surface electrons by isolated steps versus periodic step arraysOrtega, J. Enrique ; Lobo-Checa, Jorge ; Peschel, G.; Schirone, S.; Abd El-Fattah, Z. M. ; Matena, Manfred; Schiller, Frederik ; Borghetti, Patrizia ; Gambardella, Pietro; Mugarza, Aitor Artículo
openAccessSelf-Assembly of Bicomponent.pdf.jpg2014Self-assembly of bicomponent molecular monolayers: Adsorption height changes and their consequencesGoiri, Elizabeth ; Matena, Manfred; El-Sayed, A.; Lobo-Checa, Jorge ; Borghetti, Patrizia ; Rogero, Celia ; Ortega, J. Enrique ; Oteyza, D. G. de Artículo
openAccessSTM fingerprint.pdf.jpg2010STM fingerprint of molecule–adatom interactions in a self-assembled metal–organic surface coordination network on Cu(111)Björk, Jonas; Matena, Manfred; Dyer, Matthew S.; Lobo-Checa, Jorge ; Gade, Lutz H.; Jung, Thomas A.; Stöhr, Meike; Persson, MatsArtículo