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openAccessYanGeng2-ChemEurJ-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2014A compact tetrathiafulvalene-benzothiadiazole dyad and its highly symmetrical charge-transfer salt: Ordered donor π-stacks closely bound to their acceptorsYan Geng; Pfattner, Raphael ; Campos, Antonio; Hauser, Jürg; Laukhin, Vladimir ; Puigdollers González, Joaquim; Veciana, Jaume ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Rovira, Concepció ; Decurtins, Silvio; Liu, Shi-XiaArtículo
openAccessMarchante_RSCAdv_2017_editorial.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2017A four-state capacitance molecular switch based on a redox active tetrathiafulvalene self-assembled monolayerMarchante, Elena ; Maglione, Maria Serena; Crivillers, Núria ; Rovira, Concepció ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessEuJInorgChem2015_MetylSubst_Silva.pdf.jpgOct-2015A Methyl Substituted Thiophenic-TTF Donor and its SaltsSilva, Rafaela A. L.; Santos, Isabel C.; Lopes, Elsa B.; Rabaça, Sandra; Galindo, Sergi; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Rovira, Concepció Artículo
openAccessTermino_AdvMatTech_2016_postprint.pdf.jpgAug-2016A Rapid, Low-Cost, and Scalable Technique for Printing State-of-the-Art Organic Field-Effect TransistorsTemiño, Inés; Pozo, Freddy G. del; Ajayakumar, Murugan; Galindo, Sergi; Puigdollers, Joaquim; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessRudnev_PCCP_2016_editorial.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2016A redox-active radical as an effective nanoelectronic component: stability and electrochemical tunnelling spectroscopy in ionic liquidsRudnev, Alexander V.; Franco, Carlos ; Crivillers, Núria ; Seber, Gonca ; Droghetti, Andrea; Rungger, Ivan; Pobelov, Ilya V.; Veciana, Jaume ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Rovira, Concepció Artículo
openAccessAlcon_ChemSci_2016_editorial.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2016A surface confined yttrium(III) bis-phthalocyaninato complex: a colourful switch controlled by electronsAlcon, Isaac; Gonidec, Mathieu ; Ajayakumar, Murugan; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Veciana, Jaume Artículo
openAccessAngewChem2016_ElctricallyDriven_Marchante.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2016An electrically driven and readable molecular monolayer switch using a solid electrolyteMarchante, Elena ; Crivillers, Núria ; Buhl, Moritz; Veciana, Jaume ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessBenzodicarbomethoxy Tetrathiafulvalene Derivatives as Soluble Organic Semiconductors.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2011Benzodicarbomethoxytetrathiafulvalene derivatives as soluble organic semiconductorsOtón, Francisco ; Pfattner, Raphael ; Oxtoby, Neil S. ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Wurst, Klaus; Fontrodona, Xavier; Olivier, Yoann; Cornil, Jérôme; Veciana, Jaume ; Rovira, Concepció Artículo
openAccessMunoz_ChemEurJ_2017_postprint.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2017Carbon-rich monolayers on ITO as highly sensitive platforms for detecting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water: The case of pyreneMuñoz Martín, José M. ; Crivillers, Núria ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessLiscio-JPhysChemC-2015-postprint.pdf.jpg16-Jul-2015Changes of the Molecular Structure in Organic Thin Film Transistors during OperationLiscio, Fabiola; Ferlauto, Laura; Matta, Micaels; Pfattner, Raphael ; Murgia, Mauro; Rovira, Concepció ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Zerbetto, Francesco; Milita, Silvia; Biscarini, FabioArtículo
openAccessLi_NatComm_2016_editorial.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2016Chemical control over the energy-level alignment in a two-terminal junctionLi, Yuan; Franco, Carlos ; Crivillers, Núria ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Liang, Cao; Suchand Sangeeth, C.S.; Rovira, Concepció ; Veciana, Jaume ; Nijhuis, Christian A.Artículo
embargoedAccessMunoz_BioSensBioElectr_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg15-May-2018Chiral magnetic-nanobiofluids for rapid electrochemical screening of enantiomers at a magneto nanocomposite graphene-paste electrodeMuñoz Martín, José M. ; González Campo, Arántzazu ; Riba Moliner, Marta ; Baeza, Mireia; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessGalindo_AdvFunctMat_2017_postprint.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2017Control of polymorphism and morphology in solution sheared organic field-effect transistorsGalindo, Sergi; Tamayo, Adrián; Leonardi, Francesca ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessSeber_ChemEurJ_2017_postpirnt.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2017Covalent Modification of Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite withaStable OrganicFree Radical by UsingDiazonium ChemistrySeber, Gonca ; Rudnev, Alexander V.; Droghetti, Andrea; Rungger, Ivan; Veciana, Jaume ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Rovira, Concepció ; Crivillers, Núria Artículo
openAccessPerez_ACSApplMatInt_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2018Decoding the Vertical Phase Separation and Its Impact on C8-BTBT/PS Transistor PropertiesPérez Rodríguez, Ana ; Temiño, Inés; Ocal, Carmen ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Barrena, Esther Artículo
openAccessDelPozo_ProcSPIE_2015_editorial.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2015Deposition of composite materials using a wire-bar coater for achieving processability and air-stability in Organic Field-Effect Transistors (OFETs)Pozo, Freddy G. del; Galindo, Sergi; Pfattner, Raphael ; Rovira, Concepció ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
embargoedAccessDiez_ChemPhysChem_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2018Design of Perchlorotriphenylmethyl (PTM) Radical-BasedCompounds for Optoelectronic Applications: The Role ofOrbital DelocalizationDiez Cabanes, Valentín; Seber, Gonca ; Franco, Carlos ; Bejarano, Francesc ; Crivillers, Núria ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Veciana, Jaume ; Rovira, Concepció ; Cornil, JérômeArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Detection of the early stage of recombinational DNA repair by silicon nanowire transistorsChiesa, Marco ; Cardenas, P. P.; Otón, Francisco ; Martínez, Javier ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; García-Pérez, Fernando ; Alonso, Juan Carlos ; Rovira, Concepció ; García García, Ricardo Artículo
openAccessAjayakumar_RSCAdv_2017_editorial.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2017Direct covalent grafting of an organic radical core on gold and silverAjayakumar, Murugan; Alcon, Isaac; Bromley, Stefan T.; Veciana, Jaume ; Rovira, Concepció ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo
openAccessCasado_ChemPhysChem_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2016Donor/Acceptor Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers for Realising a Multi-Redox-State SurfaceCasado-Montenegro, Javier; Marchante, Elena ; Crivillers, Núria ; Rovira, Concepció ; Mas Torrent, Marta Artículo