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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessGlimpse.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2015A glimpse of the early universe without real lightBlasco, Ana; Garay, Luis Javier ; Martín-Benito, Mercedes ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardocomunicación de congreso
openAccessMontero.pdf.jpg2012Convergence of fermionic-field entanglement at infinite acceleration in relativistic quantum informationMontero, Miguel ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccessLJGaray.pdf.jpg2014Echo of the quantum bounceGaray, Luis Javier ; Martín-Benito, Mercedes ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccessEchoes.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2014Echoes of the Early UniverseBlasco, Ana; Garay, Luis Javier ; Martín-Benito, Mercedes ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardocomunicación de congreso
openAccessMontero.pdf.jpg2011Entanglement of arbitrary spin fields in noninertial framesMontero, Miguel ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccess2010Entanglement of Dirac fields in an expanding spacetimeFuentes, I.; Mann, Robert B.; Martín-Martínez, Eduardo; Moradi, Shalpoorartículo
openAccessPhysRevLett.109.033602.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2012Extracting Past-Future Vacuum Correlations Using Circuit QEDSabín, Carlos ; Peropadre, Borja ; Rey, Marco del ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccessMontero.pdf.jpg2011Fermionic entanglement ambiguity in noninertial framesMontero, Miguel ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccessMontero.pdf.jpg2011Fermionic entanglement extinction in noninertial framesMontero, Miguel ; León, Juan ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccessMartín.pdf.jpg2012Fundamental limitations to information transfer in accelerated framesMartín-Martínez, Eduardo; Hosler, Dominic; Montero, Miguel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2015More Information about the Early Universe than Meets the EyeBlasco, Ana; Garay, Luis Javier ; Martín-Benito, Mercedes ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardocomunicación de congreso
openAccessMontero.pdf.jpg2012Nonmonotonic entanglement of physical electromagnetic field states in noninertial framesMontero, Miguel ; Rey, Marco del ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardopreprint
openAccessPhysical.pdf.jpg12-May-2009Physical qubits from charged particles: Infrared divergences in quantum informationLeón, Juan ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccess2010Quantum correlations through event horizons: Fermionic versus bosonic entanglementMartín-Martínez, Eduardo; León, Juan preprint
openAccessMartin-Martinez.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2013Quantum entanglement produced in the formation of a black holeMartín-Martínez, Eduardo; Garay, Luis Javier ; León, Juan artículo
openAccessMartín.pdf.jpg2011Redistribution of particle and antiparticle entanglement in noninertial framesMartín-Martínez, Eduardo; Fuentes, Ivetteartículo
openAccessMM.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2011Relativistic Quantum Information: Developments in quantum theory in general relativistic scenariosMartín-Martínez, Eduardotesis doctoral
openAccessMontero.pdf.jpg2012Reply to >comment on 'Fermionic entanglement ambiguity in noninertial frames' >Montero, Miguel ; Martín-Martínez, Eduardoartículo
openAccessFriis.pdf.jpg2011Residual entanglement of accelerated fermions is not nonlocalFriis, Nicolai; Köhler, Philipp; Martín-Martínez, Eduardo; Bertlmann, Reinhold, A.artículo
openAccessRey.pdf.jpg2012Simulating accelerated atoms coupled to a quantum fieldRey, Marco del ; Porras, Diego; Martín-Martínez, Eduardopreprint