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closedAccessFeb-2012Assessing the Effectiveness of Marine Reserves on Unsustainably Harvested Long-Lived Sessile InvertebratesLinares, Cristina ; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Hereu, Bernat; Díaz, David ; Marschal, C.; Sala, Enric ; Zabala, Mikelartículo
closedAccessDec-2012Exploring the effects of invasive algae on the persistence of gorgonian populationsCebrian, Emma  ; Linares, Cristina ; Marschal, C.; Garrabou, Joaquim  artículo
openAccessLinares_et_al_2010.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2010Marine Protected Areas and the conservation of long-lived marine invertebrates: the Mediterranean red coralLinares, Cristina ; Bianchimani, O.; Torrents, O.; Marschal, C.; Drap, Pierre; Garrabou, Joaquim  artículo
closedAccessMay-2009Mass mortality in Northwestern Mediterranean rocky benthic communities: effects of the 2003 heat waveGarrabou, Joaquim  ; Coma, Rafael  ; Bensoussan, Nathaniel; Bally, M.; Chevaldonné, P.; Ciglianos, M.; Díaz, David ; Harmelin, J. G.; Gambi, María Cristina; Kersting, D. K.; Ledoux, J. B. ; Lejeusne, Christophe ; Linares, Cristina ; Marschal, C.; Pérez, Thierry; Ribes, Marta  ; Romano, J. C.; Serrano, Eduard ; Teixidó, Nuria ; Torrents, O.; Zabala, Mikel; Zuberer, F.; Cerrano, Carloartículo
closedAccessJul-2020Population collapse of habitat-forming octocorals in Scandola Marine Protected Area: the long-term study of gorgonian populations affected by the 2003 extreme warm summerGómez-Gras, D. ; Linares, Cristina ; López-Sanz, Àngel ; Amate, R.; Ledoux, J. B. ; Bensoussan, Nathaniel; Bianchimani, O.; Marschal, C.; Torrents, O.; Zuberer, F.; Cebrian, Emma  ; Teixidó, Nuria ; Zabala, Mikel; Kipson, Silvija ; Kersting, D. K.; Montero-Serra, Ignasi ; Pagès-Escolà, Marta; Medrano, Alba; Milani, A.; Frleta-Valić, Maša ; Dimarchopoulou, D.; López-Sendino, P.  ; Garrabou, Joaquim  comunicación de congreso
openAccessLedoux_et_al_2015.pdf.jpgMar-2015Potential for adaptive evolution at species range margins: Contrasting interactions between red coral populations and their environment in a changing oceanLedoux, J. B. ; Aurelle, D.; Bensoussan, Nathaniel; Marschal, C.; Féral, J.P.; Garrabou, Joaquim  artículo
openAccessCrisci 2017.pdf.jpg2017Regional and local environmental conditions do not shape the response to warming of a marine habitat-forming speciesCrisci, Carolina; Ledoux, J. B. ; Mokhtar-Jamaï, Kenza; Bally, M.; Bensoussan, Nathaniel; Aurelle, D.; Cebrian, Emma  ; Coma, Rafael  ; Féral, J.P.; La Rivière, Marie; Linares, Cristina ; López-Sendino, P.  ; Marschal, C.; Ribes, Marta  ; Teixidó, Nuria ; Zuberer, F.; Garrabou, Joaquim  artículo