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openAccessLeptodactylus-poster SEH 2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017Acoustic parameters are correlated with age in male Leptodactylus bufonius (Anura: Leptodactylidae)Stanescu, Florina; Marangoni, Federico; Cogălniceanu, Dan; Márquez, Rafael  póster de congreso
openAccessglobal change.pdf.jpg2012Can amphibians take the heat? Vulnerability to climate warming in subtropical and temperate larval amphibian communitiesDuarte, Helder ; Tejedo, Miguel ; Katzenberger, Marco ; Marangoni, Federico; Baldo, Diego; Beltrán, Juan F.; Martí, D.A.; Ritcher-Boix, Alex; González-Voyer, Alejandroartículo
openAccessTejedo M et al_ Climatic Research10+S1.pdf.jpg2010Contrasting effects of environmental factors during larval stage on morphological plasticity in post-metamorphic frogsTejedo, Miguel ; Marangoni, Federico; Pertoldi, Cino ; Ritcher-Boix, Alex; Orizaola, G.; Nicieza, Alfredo G.; Álvarez, D.; Gómez-Mestre, Iván artículo
openAccessamphibia-reptilia.pdf.jpg2008Extreme reduction in body size and reproductive output associated with sandy substrates in two anuran speciesMarangoni, Federico; Tejedo, Miguel ; Gómez-Mestre, Iván artículo
openAccessjherp.09.pdf.jpg2009Growth-Mark Formation and Chronology of Two Neotropical Anuran SpeciesMarangoni, Federico; Schaefer, E.; Cajade, R.; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessj.zool.pdf.jpg2010Proximate mechanisms determining size variability in natterjack toadsSinsch, U.; Marangoni, Federico; Oromi, Neus; Leskovar, C.; Sanuy, Delfi; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessj.zool.2008.pdf.jpg2008Variation in body size and metamorphic traits of Iberian spadefoot toads over a short geographic distanceMarangoni, Federico; Tejedo, Miguel artículo