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openAccessRuiz_Avila_et_al.pdf.jpgmar-1992Accumulation of cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein mRNA is an early event in maize embryo cell differentiationRuiz Ávila, Luis; Burgess, Shirley R.; Stiefel, Virginia; Ludevid, M. Dolors ; Puigdomènech, Pere Artículo
openAccessEP_0877754_B1.pdf.jpg29-mar-2006Amino acid-enriched plant protein reserves, particularly lysine-enriched maize gamma-zein, and plants expressing such proteinsLudevid, M. Dolors ; Torrent, Margarita ; Alvarez, Iñaki; Pérez, PascualPatente
openAccessDominguez_Eva_et_al.pdf.jpgene-1992Differential Protein Accumulation in Banana Fruit during RipeningDomínguez-Puigjaner, Eva; Vendrell Melich, Miguel; Ludevid, M. Dolors Artículo
openAccessTorrent_BMCBiology_2009.pdf.jpg28-ene-2009Eukaryotic protein production in designed storage organellesTorrent, Margarita ; Llompart, Blanca; Lasserre-Ramassamy, Sabine; Llop-Tous, Immaculada; Bastida, Miriam; Marzabal, Pau; Westerholm-Pavinen, Ann; Saloheimo, Markku; Heifetz, Peter B.; Ludevid, M. Dolors Artículo
openAccessStiefel_Virginia_et_al.pdf.jpgago-1990Expression of a maize cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein gene in early leaf and root vascular differentiationStiefel, Virginia; Ruiz-Ávila, Luis; Raz, Regina; Vallés, María Pilar; Gómez, Jordi; Pagès, Montserrat ; Martínez-Izquierdo, José Antonio ; Ludevid, M. Dolors ; Langdale, Jane A.; Nelson, Timothy; Puigdomènech, Pere Artículo
openAccessLudevid_Dolors_et_al.pdf.jpgdic-1992The Expression Pattern of the Tonoplast Intrinsic Protein gamma-TIP in Arabidopsis thaliana Is Correlated with Cell EnlargementLudevid, M. Dolors ; Höfte, Herman; Himelblau, EdwardArtículo
openAccessphytochrome_retrograde_Martin.pdf.jpg6-may-2016Phytochrome and retrograde signalling pathways converge to antagonistically regulate a light-induced transcriptional networkMartín, Guiomar; Leivar, Pablo ; Ludevid, M. Dolors ; Tepperman, James; Quail, Peter H.; Monte, Elena Artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0019474.pdf.jpg29-abr-2011The Expression of a Xylanase Targeted to ER-Protein Bodies Provides a Simple Strategy to Produce Active Insoluble Enzyme Polymers in Tobacco PlantsLlop-Tous, Immaculada; Ortiz, Miriam ; Torrent, Margarita ; Ludevid, M. Dolors Artículo
openAccessGeli_Isabel_et_al.pdf.jpgdic-1994Two Structural Domains Mediate Two Sequential Events in [gamma]-Zein Targeting: Protein Endoplasmic Reticulum Retention and Protein Body FormationGeli, María Isabel ; Torrent, Margarita ; Ludevid, M. Dolors Artículo
openAccessHofte_Herman_et_al.pdf.jpgjun-1992Vegetative and Seed-Specific Forms of Tonoplast Intrinsic Protein in the Vacuolar Membrane of Arabidopsis thalianaHöfte, Herman; Hubbard, Lauren; Reizer, Jonathan; Ludevid, M. Dolors ; Herman, Eliot M.; Chrispeels, Maarten J.Artículo
openAccess1475-2859-5-S1-S42.pdf.jpg10-oct-2006Zera®, a novel technology for stable accumulation and easy recovery of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic protein-production hostsLlop, I.; Torrent, Maties; Marzabal, P.; Bastida, M.; Llompart, B.; Ludevid, M. Dolors Artículo