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embargoedAccessPerezdelPino_ApplSurfSci_2019_postprint.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2019Fabrication of graphene-based electrochemical capacitors through reactive inverse matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporationPérez del Pino, Ángel ; Ramadan, Mohamed Ahmed; García Lebière, Pablo; Ivan, Raluca; Logofatu, Constantin; Yousef, Ibraheem; Gyorgy, Eniko artículo
openAccessPerez_RSCAdv_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg11-May-2016Laser-induced chemical transformation of freestanding graphene oxide membranes in liquid and gas ammonia environmentsPérez del Pino, Ángel ; Gyorgy, Eniko ; Cotet, C.; Baia, L.; Logofatu, Constantinartículo
openAccessPerez_Carbon_2015_postprint.pdf.jpgNov-2015Laser-induced chemical transformation of graphene oxide-iron oxide nanoparticles composites deposited on polymer substratesPérez del Pino, Ángel ; Gyorgy, Eniko ; Logofatu, Constantin; Puigmartí Luis, Josep ; Gao, Weiartículo
openAccessQueralto_JAlloysComp_2017_postprint.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2017MAPLE synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/silver nanocomposite electrodes: Influence of target composition and gas ambienceQueraltó, Albert ; Pérez del Pino, Ángel ; Logofatu, Constantin; Datcu, Angela ; Amade, Roger ; Alshaikh, Islam; Bertrán, Enric; Urzica, Iuliana; Gyorgy, Eniko artículo
openAccessDatcu_RSCAdv_2015_postprint.pdf.jpg29-May-2015One-step preparation of nitrogen doped titanium oxide/Au/reduced graphene oxide composite thin films for photocatalytic applicationsDatcu, Angela ; Duta, L.; Pérez del Pino, Ángel ; Logofatu, Constantin; Luculescu, C.; Duta, A.; Perniu, D; Gyorgy, Eniko artículo
openAccessPerez_JMatChemA_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2018Reactive laser synthesis of nitrogen-doped hybrid graphene-based electrodes for energy storagePérez del Pino, Ángel ; Martínez Villarroya, Andreu; Chuquitarqui, Alex; Logofatu, Constantin; Tonti, Dino ; Gyorgy, Eniko artículo
openAccessCamps_RSCAdv_2017_editorial.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2017Structure-property relationships for Eu doped TiO2 thin films grown by a laser assisted technique from colloidal solsCamps, I. ; Borlaf, Mario ; Colomer, María T. ; Moreno Botella, Rodrigo María ; Duta, Liviu; Nita, Cristina; Pérez del Pino, Ángel ; Logofatu, Constantin; Serna, Rosalía ; Gyorgy, Eniko artículo
embargoedAccessPerez_Carbon_2018_postprint.pdf.jpgApr-2018Synthesis of graphene-based photocatalysts for water splitting by laser-induced doping with ionic liquidsPérez del Pino, Ángel ; González Campo, Arántzazu ; Giraldo, Sandra ; Peral, José; Gyorgy, Eniko ; Logofatu, Constantin; deMello, Andrew J.; Puigmartí Luis, Josep artículo
openAccessGyorgy_CerIntern_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2016Titanium oxide – reduced graphene oxide – silver composite layers synthesized by laser technique: Wetting and electrical propertiesGyorgy, Eniko ; Pérez del Pino, Ángel ; Datcu, Angela ; Duta, L.; Logofatu, Constantin; Iordache, Iuliana; Duta, Ancaartículo