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openAccessPavaux_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgJul-2020Chemical Ecology of the Benthic Dinoflagellate Genus Ostreopsis: Review of Progress and Future DirectionsPavaux, Anne-Sophie; Berdalet, Elisa  ; Lemée, Rodolpheartículo
openAccessKarlson_et_al_2019.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2019CoCliME: Co-development of Climate services for adaptation to changing Marine EcosystemsKarlson, Bengt; Cusack, Caroline K.; Appéré, Gildas; Arneborg, L.; Berdalet, Elisa  ; Cembella, Allan; Guillotreau, Patrice; Gröger, Matthias; Hess, Philipp; Hefferman, S.; John, Uwe; Klemm, K.; Le Bihan, Véronique; Lemée, Rodolphe; Morineau, Baptiste; Naustvoll, Laers Johan; O'Rourke, Eleanor; Siemering, B.; Stoica, E.; Thomas, Jérémy; Travers, Marc; West, Jennifer Joy; Vulturius, Gregorcomunicación de congreso
openAccessBerdalet_et_al_2018.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2018HABs causing aerosol and/or direct contact toxicity: gained knowledge and open questionsBerdalet, Elisa  ; Fleming, Lora E.; Lemée, Rodolphe; Burford, Michele A.; Backer, Lorraine C.comunicación de congreso
openAccessBerdalet_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgMar-2017Harmful Algal Blooms in Benthic Systems: Recent Progress and Future ResearchBerdalet, Elisa  ; Tester, Patricia A.; Chinain, Mireille; Fraga, Santiago; Lemée, Rodolphe; Litaker, W.; Penna, Antonella; Usup, Gires; Vila, Magda  ; Zingone, Adrianaartículo
closedAccess21-Oct-2018Intercalibration of counting methods for Ostreopsis spp. blooms in the Mediterranean SeaPenna, Antonella; Casabianca, Silvia; Sbrana, F.; Gjeci, N.; Capellacci, Samuela; Asnaghi, Valentina; Ottaviani, Ennio; Giussani, Valentina; Pugliese, L.; Jauzein, Cécile; Lemée, Rodolphe; Hachani, M.A.; Turki, S.; Acaf, L.; Abboud-Abi Saab, Marie; Fricke, Anna; Mangialajo, L.; Bertolotto, R.; Totti, Cecilia; Accoroni, Stefano; Berdalet, Elisa  ; Vila, Magda  ; Chiantore, Maria Chiara; Vassalli, M.comunicación de congreso
openAccessBerdalet_et_al_2015_Fr.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2015L'Alga OstreopsisBerdalet, Elisa  ; Vila, Magda  ; Lemée, Rodolphe; Mangialajo, L.; Visio, Annetrabajo de divulgación
openAccessDrouet_et_al_2018_poster.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2018Mediterranean long-term study shows correlation between Ostreopsis cf. ovata bloom timing and spring temperatureDrouet, Kévin; Gasparini, Stéphane; Siano, Raffaele; Jauzein, Cécile; Davenet-Sbirrazuoli, Valérie; Berdalet, Elisa  ; Lemée, Rodolphepóster de congreso
closedAccess21-Oct-2018RAMOGE, an International Agreement in the NW Mediterranean Sea with a working group dedicated to Ostreopsis sp.Lemée, Rodolphe; Berdalet, Elisa  ; Chiantore, Maria Chiara; Mangialajo, L.; Vissio, A.comunicación de congreso
openAccessbg-8-743-2011.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2011Short-term dynamics of microplankton abundance and diversity in NW Mediterranean Sea during late summer conditions (DYNAPROC 2 cruise; 2004)Lasternas, Sebastien; Tunin-Ley, Alina; Ibanez, Frédéric; Valérie, Andersen; Pizay, Marie-Dominique; Lemée, Rodolpheartículo