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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Chemically tunable transport phenomena of functionalized grapheneLeconte, Nicolás; Lherbier, Aurélien; Varchon, F.; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Palacios, J. J.; Soriano, David ; Ordejón, Pablo ; Roche, Stephan Comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Damaging Graphene with Ozone Treatment: A Chemically Tunable Metal−Insulator TransitionLeconte, Nicolás; Moser, Joel ; Ordejón, Pablo ; Tao, Haihua ; Lherbier, Aurélien; Bachtold, Adrian ; Alzina, Francesc ; Sotomayor Torres, C. M. ; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Roche, Stephan Artículo
openAccessKubo Hall.pdf.jpg2015Efficient linear scaling approach for computing the Kubo Hall conductivityOrtmann, F. ; Leconte, Nicolás; Roche, Stephan Artículo
closedAccessmay-2011Magnetism-Dependent Transport Phenomena in Hydrogenated Graphene: From Spin-Splitting to Localization EffectsLeconte, Nicolás; Soriano, David ; Roche, Stephan ; Ordejón, Pablo ; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Palacios, J. J.Artículo
openAccessMagnetoresistance and magnetic.pdf.jpg2011Magnetoresistance and magnetic ordering fingerprints in hydrogenated grapheneSoriano, David ; Leconte, Nicolás; Ordejón, Pablo ; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Palacios, J. J.; Roche, Stephan Artículo
openAccesselectron-hole symmetry.pdf.jpg2014Quantum transport in chemically functionalized graphene at high magnetic field: defect-induced critical states and breakdown of electron-hole symmetryLeconte, Nicolás; Ortmann, F. ; Cresti, A.; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Roche, Stephan Artículo
openAccessQuantum transport in chemically.pdf.jpg2011Quantum transport in chemically modified two-dimensional graphene: From minimal conductivity to Anderson localizationLeconte, Nicolás; Lherbier, Aurélien; Varchon, F.; Ordejón, Pablo ; Roche, Stephan ; Charlier, Jean-ChristopherArtículo
openAccessquantransparxiv.pdf.jpg2016Quantum transport in graphene in presence of strain-induced pseudo-Landau levelsSettnes, Mikkel; Leconte, Nicolás; Barrios Vargas, José Eduardo; Jauho, Antti.Pekka; Roche, Stephan Artículo
openAccessHallcoventio.pdf.jpg2016Unconventional features in the quantum Hall regime of disordered graphene: Percolating impurity states and Hall conductance quantizationLeconte, Nicolás; Ortmann, F. ; Cresti, A.; Roche, Stephan Artículo
openAccessDirac cone.pdf.jpg2015Velocity renormalization and Dirac cone multiplication in graphene superlattices with various barrier-edge geometriesJamblinne de Meux, A. de; Leconte, Nicolás; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Lherbier, AurélienArtículo