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closedAccess17-Jan-2006Ectopic expression of tyrosine hydroxylase in the pigmented epithelium rescues the retinal abnormalities and visual function common in albinos in the absence of melaninLavado, Alfonso J.; Jeffery, Glen; Tovar, Victoria; Villa, Pedro de la; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessFunctional_dissection.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2003Functional dissection of the mouse tyrosinase locus control region identifies a new putative boundary activityGiraldo, Patricia; Martínez, Antonio; Regales, Lucía; Lavado, Alfonso J.; García Cabezas, Miguel Ángel; Alonso, Ángel; Busturia, Ana CSIC; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess22-Oct-2003Generation and phenotypic analysis of sigma receptor type I (σ1) knockout miceLanga, Francina; Codony, Xavier; Tovar, Victoria; Lavado, Alfonso J.; Giménez, Estela; Cozar, Patricia; Cantero, Marta; Dordal, Albert; Hernández, Enric; Pérez, Raquel; Monroy, Xavier; Zamanillo, Daniel; Guitart, Xavier; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess6-Nov-2003Identification and functional validation of a 5' upstream regulatory sequence in the human tyrosinase gene homologous to the locus control region of the mouse tyrosinase geneRegales, Lucía; Giraldo, Patricia; García-Díaz, Ángel; Lavado, Alfonso J.; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess30-Nov-2004Molecular basis of the extreme dilution mottled mouse mutation: A combination of coding and non-coding genomic alterationsLavado, Alfonso J.; Olivares, Concepción; García-Borrón, José Carlos; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess1-Jan-2006New animal models to study the role of tyrosinase in normal retinal developmentLavado, Alfonso J.; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess31-Mar-2005Regional abnormalities in retinal development are associated with local ocular hypopigmentationGiménez, Estela; Lavado, Alfonso J.; Jeffery, Glen; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccess1471-2121-6-18.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2005A strategy to study tyrosinase transgenes in mouse melanocytesLavado, Alfonso J.; Matheu, Ander; Serrano, Manuel; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess12-Jul-2004A transgenic mouse model with inducible Tyrosinase gene expression using the tetracycline (Tet-on) system allows regulated rescue of abnormal chiasmatic projections found in albinismGiménez, Estela; Lavado, Alfonso J.; Giraldo, Patricia; Cozar, Patricia; Jeffery, Glen; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess27-Oct-2003Tyrosinase gene expression is not detected in mouse brain outside the retinal pigment epithelium cellsGiménez, Estela; Lavado, Alfonso J.; Giraldo, Patricia; Montoliu, Lluís CSIC ORCID artículo