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openAccessfreeleng.pdf.jpg2018A free-form lensing model of A370 revealing stellar mass dominated BCGs, in Hubble Frontier Fields imagesDiego, José María  ; Schmidt, Kasper B.; Broadhurst, T.; Lam, Daniel; Vega-Ferrero, Jesús; Zheng, Wei; Lee, Slanger; Morishita, Takahiro; Bernstein, Gary; Lim, Jeremy; Silk, Joseph; Ford, Holland C.artículo
openAccessRXC J2248.pdf.jpg2016A free-form mass model of the Hubble Frontier Fields cluster AS1063 (RXC J2248.7-4431) with over one hundred constraintsDiego, José María  ; Broadhurst, T.; Wong, Jess; Silk, Joseph; Lim, Jeremy; Zheng, Wei; Lam, Daniel; Ford, Holland C.artículo
openAccessMNRAS2016356.pdf.jpg2016A free-form prediction for the reappearance of supernova Refsdal in the Hubble Frontier Fields cluster MACSJ1149.5+2223Diego, José María  ; Broadhurst, T.; Chen, Cuncheng; Lim, Jeremy; Zitrin, Adi; Chan, Brian; Coe, Daniel; Ford, Holland C.; Lam, Daniel; Zheng, Weiartículo
openAccessMACS J0416.pdf.jpg2015Free-form lensing implications for the collision of dark matter and gas in the frontier fields cluster MACS J0416.1-2403Diego, José María  ; Broadhurst, T.; Molnar, Sandor M.; Lam, Daniel; Lim, Jeremyartículo
openAccessHubble Frontier.pdf.jpg2015Hubble frontier field free-form mass mapping of the massive multiple-merging cluster MACSJ0717.5+3745Diego, José María  ; Broadhurst, T.; Zitrin, Adi; Lam, Daniel; Lim, Jeremy; Ford, Holland C.; Zheng, Weiartículo
openAccessimuminat2744.pdf.jpg2015Illuminating a dark lens: a type Ia supernova magnified by the frontier fields galaxy cluster abell 2744Molino, Alberto ; Broadhurst, T.; Diego, José María  ; Lam, Daniel; Zitrin, Adiartículo
openAccessFFproj.pdf.jpg2017The Frontier Fields lens modelling comparison projectMeneghetti, M.; Natarajan, P.; Coe, Daniel; Contini, T.; De Lucia, G.; Giocoli, C.; Acebron, A.; Borgani, S.; Bradac, Marusa; Diego, José María  ; Hoag, A.; Ishigaki, M.; Johnson, T. L.; Jullo, E.; Kawamata, Ryota; Lam, Daniel; Limousin, M.; Liesenborgs, J.; Oguri, Masamune; Sebesta, K.; Sharon, Keren; Williams, L.L.R.; Zitrin, Adiartículo
openAccessmodified gravity.pdf.jpg2015The orthogonally aligned dark halo of an edge-on lensing galaxy in the Hubble Frontier Fields: a challenge for modified gravityDiego, José María  ; Broadhurst, T.; Benítez, Narciso ; Lim, Jeremy; Lam, Danielartículo