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openAccessDomingues et al_2013_Plasmid_70(2).pdf.jpg22-May-2013A new tool for cloning and gene expression in Streptococcus pneumoniaeDomingues, Susana; Aires, Andreia Cunha; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; López, Paloma ; Arraiano, Cecilia MaríaArtículo
openAccessOpen Biology 2014, 4 (2) Mohedano.pdf.jpgFeb-2014A partial proteome reference map of the wine lactic acid bacterium Oenococcus oeni ATCC BAA-1163Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Russo, Pasquale; de los Ríos, Vivian; Capozzi, Vittorio; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Spano, Giuseppe; López, Paloma Artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2008Activation of diacetyl/acetoin pathway in Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar diacetylactis CRL264 by acidic growthGarcía-Quintáns, Nieves; Repizo, Guillermo D.; Martín, Mauricio; Magni, C.; López, Paloma Artículo
openAccessRes6redbal_CONGRESO_Mohedano.pdf.jpg2012Análisis proteómico de Oenococcus oeni ATCC‐BAA1163 y Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Russo, Pasquale; Ríos, Vivian de los ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Spano, Giuseppe; López, Paloma Comunicación de congreso
openAccessInt J Mol Sci, 13 (6026-6039).pdf.jpg18-May-2012Beta-glucans improve growth, viability and colonization of probiotic microorganismsRusso, Pasquale; López, Paloma ; Capozzi, Vittorio; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Dueñas, María Teresa; Spano, Giuseppe; Fiocco, DanielaArtículo
openAccess1471-2180-12-247.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2012Biogenic amine production by the wine Lactobacillus brevis IOEB 9809 in systems that partially mimic the gastrointestinal tract stressRusso, Pasquale; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Romano, Andrea; Fernández García, María ; Lucas, Patrick; Spano, Giuseppe; López, Paloma Artículo
openAccessWerning et al.,.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2012Biosynthesis, purification and biotechnological use of exopolysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteriaWerning, María Laura ; Notararigo, Sara ; Nácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Aznar, Rosa ; López, Paloma Capítulo de libro
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005CitI, a transcription factor involved in regulation of citrate metabolism in lactic acid bacteriaMartín, Mauricio; Magni, C.; Mendoza, Diego de; López, Paloma Artículo
openAccessMayo_2008.pdf.jpgMay-2008Citrate metabolism and aroma compound production in lactic acid bacteriaGarcía-Quintáns, Nieves; Blancato, Víctor S.; Repizo, Guillermo D.; Magni, C.; López, Paloma Capítulo de libro
openAccessCARBPOL-D-11-01882R1 (repositorio).pdf.jpg12-May-2012Comparative analysis of production and purification of homo- and hetero-polysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteriaNotararigo, Sara ; Nácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Ibarburu, Idoia; Werning, María Laura ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Dueñas, María Teresa; Aznar, Rosa ; López, Paloma ; Prieto, Alicia  Artículo
openAccessInt. J. Mol. Sci. 13 (9), 10680-10696.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2012Comparative proteomic analysis of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 and ΔctsR mutant strains under physiological and heat stress conditionsRusso, Pasquale; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Capozzi, Vittorio; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; López, Paloma ; Spano, Giuseppe; Fiocco, DanielaArtículo
openAccessJIMB_Paloma López_2014.pdf.jpg2015Construction and validation of a mCherry protein vector for promoter analysis in Lactobacillus acidophilusMohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; García-Cayuela, Tomás ; Pérez-Ramos, Adrián; Gaiser, Rogier A. ; Requena, Teresa  ; López, Paloma Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Development of an inducible system to control and easily monitor gene expression in Lactococcus lactisViegas, Sandra Cristina; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Amblar, Mónica; Arraiano, Cecilia María; López, Paloma Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Effect of pyruvate kinase overproduction on glucose metabolism of Lactococcus lactisRamos, Ana; Neves, Ana Rute; Ventura, Rita; Maycock, Christopher; López, Paloma ; Santos, HelenaArtículo
openAccess2004Enhancement of 2-methylbutanal formation in cheese by using a fluorescently tagged Lacticin 3147 producing Lactococcus lactis strainFernández de Palencia, P. ; Plaza, Marta de la; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Martínez-Cuesta, M. Carmen  ; Requena, Teresa  ; López, Paloma ; Peláez-Martínez, María CarmenArtículo
openAccessJ. of Dairy Science 2011, 94 (7).pdf.jpgJul-2011Evaluation of yogurt and various beverages as carriers of lactic acid bacteria producing 2-branched (1,3)-β-D-glucanElizaquível, P.; Sánchez, Gloria; Salvador, Ana ; Fiszman, Susana ; Dueñas, María Teresa; López, Paloma ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Aznar, Rosa Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005Evidence that the Essential Response Regulator YycF in Streptococcus pneumoniae Modulates Expression of Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Genes and Alters Membrane CompositionMohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Overweg, Karin; Fuente, Alicia de la; Reuter, Mark; Altabe, Silvia; Mulholland, Francis; Mendoza, Diego de; López, Paloma ; Wells, Jerry M.Artículo
openAccessAMAB-D-12-00109 R2.pdf.jpg2012Fluorescent protein vectors for promoter analysis in lactic acid bacteria and Escherichia coliGarcía-Cayuela, Tomás ; Gómez de Cadiñanos, Luz P.; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Boden, Daniel; Wells, Jerry; Peláez, Carmen  ; López, Paloma ; Requena, Teresa  Artículo
openAccessWO2006032718A1.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2006GTF Cells, vectors and sequences and applications thereof in the food sector.López, Paloma ; Werning, María Laura ; Irastorza, Ana; Dueñas, María Teresa; Ibarburu, Idoia; Navas, JesúsPatente
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2008Heterologous expression of a 2-substituted-(1→3)-β-D-glucan in Lactococcus lactisWerning, María Laura ; Corrales, María Angeles ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Navas, Jesús; López, Paloma Artículo