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openAccessAnalysis of the Plant rDNA database_Garcia_Sonia_2016.pdf.jpgMay-2016Analysis of the Plant rDNA database: cytogenetic features of rRNA genes across land plantsGarcia, Sònia  ; Kovarik, Ales; Leitch, A. R.; Garnatje, Teresa  póster de congreso
closedAccess5-Dec-2015Astonishing 35S rDNA diversity in the gymnosperm species Cycas revoluta ThunbWang, Wencai; Ma, Lu; Becher, Hannes; Garcia, Sònia  ; Kovarikova, Alena; Leitch, Ilia J.; Leitch, A. R.; Kovarik, Alesartículo
openAccessSupporting_Information_TablesS1-S5.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2017B-chrom: a database on B-chromosomes of plants, animals and fungiD'Ambrosio, Ugo; Alonso-Lifante, M. Pilar; Barros Ferradás, Karina; Kovarik, Ales; Mas de Xaxars, Gemma; Garcia, Sònia  artículo
openAccessConsequences of hybridization processes in the intergenic spacer of ribosomal DNA in Armeria_Garcia_Sonia_2016.pdf.jpgMay-2016Consequences of hybridization processes in the intergenic spacer of ribosomal DNA in Armeria (Plumbaginaceae)Garcia, Sònia  ; Alegre, Guillermo; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Kovarik, Ales; Valle, Sònia; Nieto Feliner, Gonzalo  póster de congreso
openAccessCorrPlantrDNA_Garcia-2017.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2017Correction to: Third release of the plant rDNA database with updated content and information on telomere composition and sequenced plant genomesVitales, Daniel ; D'Ambrosio, Ugo; Gálvez, Francisco; Kovarik, Ales; Garcia, Sònia  artículo
openAccessCytogenetic_Garcia_S_2017.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2017Cytogenetic features of rRNA genes across land plants: analysis of the Plant rDNA databaseGarcia, Sònia  ; Kovarik, Ales; Leitch, A. R.; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
openAccessdancing-together-and-separate-again-garcia2013.pdf.jpg2013Dancing together and separate again: gymnosperms exhibit frequent changes of fundamental 5S and 35S rRNA gene (rDNA) organisationGarcia, Sònia  ; Kovarik, Alesartículo
openAccessSG_Nov-2017_Chromosoma.pdf.jpgMar-2018Evolutionary trends in animal ribosomal DNA loci: introduction to a new online databaseSochorová, Jana; Garcia, Sònia  ; Gálvez, Francisco; Symonová, Radka; Kovarik, Alesartículo
openAccessSG Nov-2012 BMC Plant Biology_OK.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2012Expression of 5 S rRNA genes linked to 35 S rDNA in plants, their epigenetic modification and regulatory element divergenceGarcia, Sònia  ; Crhák Khaitová, Lucie; Kovarik, Alesartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2016Genetic and epigenetic features of gymnosperm genomesKovarik, Ales; Wang, Wencai; Ma, Lu; Kovarikova, Alena; Leitch, Ilia J.; Garcia, Sònia  ; Leitch, A. R.comunicación de congreso
openAccessHigher-order_Garcia_2017.pdf.jpg18-May-2017Higher-order organisation of extremely amplified, potentially functional and massively methylated 5S rDNA in European pikes (Esox sp.)Symonová, Radka; Ocalewicz, Konrad; Kirtiklis, Lech; Battista Delmastro, Giovanni; Pelikánová, Šárka; Garcia, Sònia  ; Kovarik, Alesartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-May-2016Introduction to the animal database of ribosomal DNA lociGarcia, Sònia  ; Sochorová, Jana; Kovarik, Alespóster de congreso
closedAccess2009Linkage of 35S and 5S rRNA genes in Artemisia (family Asteraceae): first evidence from angiospermsGarcia, Sònia  ; Lim, K. Y.; Chester, M.; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Leitch, A. R.; Kovarik, Alesartículo
openAccessTG 2016 Recent Advances Pharm Sci.pdf.jpg2015Organisation, expression and evolution of rRNA genes in plant genomesGarcia, Sònia  ; Cortés, Paula; Fernàndez, Xènia; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Kovarik, Alescapítulo de libro
closedAccess2012Plant rDNA database: ribosomal DNA loci information goes onlineGarcia, Sònia  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Kovarik, Alesartículo
openAccessplant-rdna-database-update-new-features-Garnatje-T-2014.pdf.jpg2014Plant rDNA database: update and new featuresGarcia, Sònia  ; Gálvez, Francisco; Gras, Airy ; Kovarik, Ales; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2019Remarkable variation of ribosomal DNA organization and copy number in gnetophytes, a distinct lineage of gymnospermsWang, Wencai; Wan, Tao; Becher, Hannes; Kuderova, Alena; Leitch, Ilia J.; Garcia, Sònia  ; Leitch, A. R.; Kovarik, Alesartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2019Repeat contribution to genome size ups and downs in family AsteraceaePascual-Díaz, Joan Pere ; Vitales, Daniel ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Kovarik, Ales; Garcia, Sònia  comunicación de congreso
openAccessGarcia et al 2010.pdf.jpg2010Repeated reunions and splits feature the highly dynamic evolution of 5S and 35S ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA) in the Asteraceae familyGarcia, Sònia  ; Panero, José L.; Siroki, Jiri; Kovarik, Alesartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg21-May-2018Ribosomal DNA arrangements in Asteraceae: variability of 5S and 35S examined with TAREAN and RepeatExplorerGarcia, Sònia  ; Vitales, Daniel ; Kovarik, Alescomunicación de congreso