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openAccessDisentangling_structural_2019.pdf.jpg2019Disentangling structural genomic and behavioural barriers in a sea of connectivityBarth, Julia M. I.; Villegas-Ríos, David CSIC ORCID; Freitas, Carla; Moland, Even; Star, Bastiaan; André, Carl; Knutsen, Halvor; Bradbury, Ian; Dierking, Jan; Petereit, Christoph; Righton, David; Metcalfe, Julian; Jakobsen, Kjetill S.; Olsen, Esben Moland; Jentoft, Sisselartículo
openAccess2022Lobster reserves as a management tool in coastal waters: Two decades of experience in NorwayAtle Knutsen, Jan; Ring Kleiven, Alf; Olsen, Esben Moland; Knutsen, Halvor; Heiberg Espeland, Sigurd; Knutsen Sørdalen, Tonje; Huneide Thorbjørnsen, Susanna; Hutchings, Jeffrey A.; Fernández-Chacón, Albert; Huserbråten, Mats; Villegas-Ríos, David CSIC ORCID; Halvorsen, Kim Tallaksen; Nillos Kleiven, Portia Joy; Kiland Langeland, Thomas; Moland, Evenartículo
openAccess8-Jul-2021Restoration of Abundance and Dynamics of Coastal Fish and Lobster Within Northern Marine Protected Areas Across Two DecadesMoland, Even; Fernández-Chacón, Albert; Knutsen Sørdalen, Tonje; Villegas-Ríos, David CSIC ORCID; Huneide Thorbjørnsen, Susanna; Tallaksen Halvorsen, Kim; Huserbråten, Mats; Moland Olsen, Esben; Nillos Kleiven, Portia Joy; Ring Kleiven, Alf; Knutsen, Halvor; Heiberg Espeland, Sigurd; Freitas, Carla; Atle Knutsen, Janartículo
openAccessCatarino_et_al_journal_pone_2017.pdf.jpgMay-2017The role of the Strait of Gibraltar in shaping the genetic structure of the Mediterranean Grenadier, Coryphaenoides mediterraneus, between the Atlantic and Mediterranean SeaCatarino, Diana; Stefanni, Sergio; Jorde, Per Erik; Menezes, Gui M.; Company, Joan B. CSIC ORCID ; Neat, Francis; Knutsen, Halvorartículo