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closedAccess3-May-2007C2-Symmetric Bissulfoxides as Organocatalysts in the Allylation of Benzoyl Hydrazones: Spacer and Concentration EffectsFernández Fernández, Inmaculada; Valdivia, Victoria ; Pernía Leal, Manuel; Khiar el Wahabi, Noureddine Artículo
closedAccess6-Sep-2007How does the achiral base decide the stereochemical outcome in the dynamic kinetic resolution of sulfinyl chlorides? A computational studyBalcells, David; Ujaque, Gregori; Fernández Fernández, Inmaculada; Khiar el Wahabi, Noureddine ; Maseras, FeliuArtículo
openAccessWO2009141486A1(2).pdf.jpg26-Nov-2009Neoglycolipids. aggregates thereof with carbon nanotubes, method for obtaining same and use thereofKhiar el Wahabi, Noureddine ; Pernía Leal, Manuel; Fernández Fernández, InmaculadaPatente
openAccessNew_sulfur_2008.pdf.jpg2008New sulfur-phosphine ligands derived from sugars: synthesis and application in palladium-catalyzed allylic alkilation and in rhodium asymmetric hydrogenationKhiar el Wahabi, Noureddine ; Navas, Raquel ; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Fernández Fernández, InmaculadaArtículo
openAccessjo970987w.pdf.jpg17-Oct-1997Synthesis of Aminocyclitols by Intramolecular Reductive Coupling of Carbohydrate Derived δ- and ε-Functionalized Oxime Ethers Promoted by Tributyltin Hydride or Samarium DiiodideMarco-Contelles, José ; Gallego, Pilar; Rodríguez-Fernández, Mercedes; Khiar el Wahabi, Noureddine ; Destabel, Christine; Bernabé, Manuel ; Martínez-Grau, Angeles; Chiara, José Luis  Artículo